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Chicken Breeds

Aracaunas, sometimes called Easter Eggers originate from Chile. They lay colored
eggs: blue, green, pink, and olive drab. These birds vary in size and color, some may have
whiskers and others muffs of feathers that cover their ears.

Barred Rocks are an old favorite that deliver big profits. They are known for their
efficient production of large brown eggs. Our Barred Rocks come from At maturity a standard
weight hen will weigh in at 6 lbs.

Black Australorps are eye-catching birds. They are black with an intense beetlegreen sheen on the feathers. Australorps are very good brown egg layers; in fact one hen still
holds the world record by laying 364 eggs in 365 days under official Australian testing.

Black Giants are beautiful birds. You will find them to be true giants, massive in
appearance. They are noted for both good laying ability and good meat characteristics. They lay
dark brown eggs, and are very docile and easy to work with.

Black Sexlinks are valuable chickens. Produced by mating a Rhode Island Red male
to a Barred Rock female, pullets are black with a reddish cast. They are splendid layers of large
brown eggs.

Brown Leghorns are exceedingly hardy. They are a feed efficient, high production
breed that will lay an excellent amount of white eggs.

Buff Orpingtons are our most popular breed. They are a quiet bird with a beautiful
buff color, have a quiet disposition, make excellent mothers and are one of the most broody of
all standard breeds. They will lay lots of nice brown eggs!

Many more breedskeep reading!

Columbian Rocks were produced by mating a Rhode Island Red female with a
Columbian male are a dual-purpose bird is known to produce eggs even in the coldest of
climates. An excellent layer of brown eggs with a calm, good natured disposition, this cross is a
great choice for the family flock.

Golden Comets are easily one of the finest brown egg layers available today. They
mature early and lay brown eggs of excellent size and quality. They are extremely quiet birds.

Golden Laced Wyandottes are one of the most beautiful breeds we offer! Their
feather pattern is a combination of rich golden brown laced with greenish black tipped feathers.
They have rose combs and are good producers of brown eggs.

Light Brahmas have a striking look of fitting full plumage with white edged black
feathers in the neck, wings and tail. Their heavily feathered shanks and outer toes are another
interesting feature. They are dependable producers of brown eggs.

New Hampshire Reds are early maturing birds offering outstanding vigor, size, and
uniform growth. They are heavy producers of large brown eggs with excellent shell texture.

Partridge Rocks are fairly good sized birds. They are known to be dependable brown
egg layers and also very good setters.

Production Reds were developed by utilizing crosses between New Hampshire Reds and
Rhode Island Reds. Their coloring is similar to a Rhode Island but is not as consistent as they
vary from dark to light. Production Reds are one of our best producers of large brown eggs.

Rhode Island Reds are an old time, well-known American breed. If you are striving
for the peak in brown egg production and still want a heavy bird with good market tendencies,
this is the dual purpose bird for you.

Silver Laced Wyandottes are magnificently colored birds with silvery white feathers
laced with black. They are heavy producers of large brown eggs.

White Leghorns are a feed efficient, high production breed. They are bred for
performance and livability. They are outstanding producers of white eggs with superior shell
strength. A White Leghorn hen is an outstanding bird.

White Rocks are big birds with hens reaching 6 to 7 lbs. They will provide you
outstanding brown egg production for the entire year!

Rare Chicken Breeds

Black Langshans, are one of the tallest of all breeds. They present an imposing picture
with their tall, upright stature and feathered bluish black, long shanks and feet. All of the adult
surface plumage is black. Males develop extremely long lustrous, beetle green, tail sickle
feathers. Females lay brown eggs.

Buff Brahmas are a rare variety with beautiful buff feathers edged in black on the
neck, wings and tail. They have a rose comb with feathered shanks and toes. They are very
docile and broody birds, making them excellent mothers. The lay medium sized brown eggs.

*Buckeyes are a rare American breed originating in Ohio, the "Buckeye State", Their
plumage resembles the color of a buckeye nut. hey have stout muscular thighs, broad, well
rounded breasts and pea combs. They are known as a dual-purpose breed that is mainly kept for
the production of brown eggs.

Cuckoo Marans are uniquely bred for the production of extremely dark brown
eggs. No breed produces eggs that are darker than those produced by Marans. They look much
like Barred Plymouth Rocks but the difference between the black and white bars is not as

Dark Brahmas have feathered shanks and toes. Their color pattern depends on the
sex of the bird. Roosters are typically black and silver while hens sport a beautiful silver-penciled
plumage. These brown egg layers have a very calm temperament making them a popular choice
for pets.

Dominiques are one of the oldest American breeds. They are a black and white
barred bird with the females being slightly darker than the males. Dominiques have rose combs
and angular bodies. They are excellent producers of brown eggs.

*Red Chanteclers are solid red with the males being darker than the females. They
originated in Canada and have been bred for production of both meat and brown-shelled eggs in
cold climates.

Broilers/Meat Breeds

Cornish Rocks have broad breasts, big thighs white plumage and yellow skin. They
grow rapidly with excellent feed efficiency. They should be slaughtered before reaching 12
weeks of age. If grown too fast or allowed to grow past 12 weeks, fluid in the body cavity and/or
leg weakness may result. You can expect a 6lb broiler in six weeks or less when fed broiler

*Freedom Rangers are slow growing broilers well suited for natural rearing
methods such as free range or organic systems. Rich yellow skin, strong legs and dark red
feathering are just a few of the characteristics. Expect 4 to 5 lb live weight in 9 to 11 weeks.

Many more breedskeep reading!

Bantam Breeds

*White Silkies are solid white. Silkies are unique because they have the following
characteristics: feathers which appear to be silky hair, black-pigmented skin, walnut combs,
medium sized crests, five toes on each foot, feathers on shanks and toes, turquoise ear lobes
and deep mulberry comb, face and wattles. Standard weights at maturity are male-36 oz, and
hen-32 oz.

*Assorted Bantams are the hatchery's choice. A nice variety of pure bred
bantams will be included in this assortment. This assortment provides an excellent opportunity to
increase or begin your bantam flock

Duck Breeds

White Pekins are heavy weights, weighing in at 8-9lbs at maturity. They are the
most popular ducks in the United States. Hardiness, good fertility, excellent hatchability, calm
temperament, superior growth rate, excellent feed conversion, yellow skin and white plumage all
contribute to their popularity.

Fawn & White Runners have a unique, upright posture with the body carried at an
angle of 45 to 75 degrees above horizontal. They have a long history of being herded and have
evolved into ducks that can travel long distances at a quick pace.

Mallards are one of the most beautifully colored of all waterfowl! Mallards fly but
will usually stay at home if feed regularly. They are very small weighing 2- 2 1/2 lbs at maturity.

*Rouens are a heavy weight duck. They are a very colorful, docile duck that
resemble a Mallard, but are much larger and do not fly. Mature weight averages 7-8 lbs. They
make excellent pets.

Turkeys & Guineas

Broad Breasted White Turkeys are very fast growing and double-breasted. They
have been bred to have wide breasts, rapid growth rate and superior feed conversion. They are
unable to mate naturally. Standard weights at maturity are males- 45 lbs. and hens- 25 lbs.

Mammoth Bronze Turkeys are the most popular breed of turkeys for the small farm
flock. They are fast growing and double-breasted and exhibit the beautiful color of wild turkeys.
They are unable to mate naturally. Standard weights at maturity are males- 25 lbs. and hens- 16

Bourbon Red Turkeys are active foragers, and do well in a pasture production
system. They present an attractive carcass since the light pinfeathers leave no dark residue.
The biological fitness, survivability, and superior flavor of the Bourbon Red has led them to be a
small farm favorite. Standard weights at maturity are males-33 lbs. and hens-18 lbs.

Royal Palm Turkeys are a strikingly attractive small turkey variety. They are active,
thrifty, excellent foragers, and good flyers. Royal Palms are best suited for meat production and
their ability to control insects on small farms. Standard weights at maturity are males- 22 lbs.
and hens-12 lbs.

French Guineas are the same color as Pearl Guineas but are much larger. They will
lay throughout the year with proper light and heat control. Guineas are very active and easy to
raise. They require little attention and will take care of themselves. They are very fine "watch
dogs", keep snakes away, and consume insects and ticks.