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WHEN SHE LOVED ME from Walt Disney's TOY STORY 2 - A Pixar Film Music and Lyrics by ‘Tenderly, very freely RANDY NEWMAN Dm ‘AmiC cp Bbm F |: @ Gm? FA Boo GB Cus & & ®@ & When some = bod-y loved me, ev = “ry-thing was beautiful Em7bS ACH Dm Fladd2)/C Bb(add2) c F Gm? FA ae a Ed E ees Ev ‘ty hour wespent togeth - er ives my hear. ‘And when she was sad, Bho GB Cas? Emm ACH Dm Flang2yvic Bb(add2) a & &€ HB & ci Twas there to dry het tear; and when she washap- py, so was I, Bb & F gz & ‘Through the sum-mer and the fall, we 7 Str T rrr? FIC CwBb OFA Bb PC Bh IC. GD GTB ¢ 2 &&s #@e Be @ | had each other, that was.all, Just she and 1 to-geth-er, like it was meant to be, Fo Gm? RA Bho GTB Cas 2 @ & ae @ & And when she was Jone - ly, Twas there to com-fort her, and 1 knew FIC FE Dm Bbm6D> FC GB GéigvBb FIA Frm6sAb = 8 So the years went by; I stayed the EbB> AT Bm & # 8 BbmoD> — C7. Abmich By E & == Twas teft atone, Sill 1 waited for the day when she'd say, horns Abmic CE Fo Gm? FIA will al - ways love you." Lonely and for - got - ten, ae £e & &8e & and shesmiled at_me and held me just. like she used 10 do, like she Tn ee | 2 ¢ oe $. —- SS =e a a ey ea ae = ————_ = ao al —— + eo wT pF = | | —d 2 —= 5 = ee ae & Ei ei EB EE B SS thing was beau