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Pronounciation for Learnnavi.

org Quentin Martinez

Na'vi IPA Informal Example Notes

a a aah father
ä æ ahh cat, pack disgusted
aw aw aou now
ay aj eye eye, fly
ts ts tSS cats
e ɛ eh then
ew ɛw eyo
ey ɛj aey say
f f ff fool
ng ŋ nng sing
h h hh ham
i i ee machine
ì ɪ iih thin, bit
k k k' skill unaspirated
l l ll left
always front and
ll l: lll allow
light, never /ɫ/
m m mm man, ham
n n nn no, tin
o o oh mow
p p p' spin unaspirated
r ɾ rr
rr r rrr strongly trilled
s s ss see, city
t t t' stop unaspirated
u u, ʊ oou do
v v vuh voice, have
w w w' we
see ejectives,
tx t'
see ejectives,
kx k'
see ejectives,
px p'
y j y' yes
z z zz zoo
the middle of
' ʔ