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RDINATION COMMITTEE, KOLKATA Room No.2/38,P-7, Chowringhee Square, Kolkata-700069 E-mail ID; Secretarycgewcc Phone No-2213-6892 CIRCULAR 2/2014-15 AMA-2 Sub: CS(MA) Rules 1944 Renewal of name of the AMA for the treatment of Central Govt. Employees’ and Members of their family for the period from 01.08.2014 to 31.07.2015. - In terms of Ministry of Health & Family Planning's (Department of Health) instructions contained in O.M. No. 9-14025/133/79-MS dated 28.05.1982 and C & A.G. Circular No. 445- Audit/1787/III-90 (86) dated 10.08.1990 and as per Rule 2A (iv) of the CS(MA) Rules 1944, the name of the Private Medical Practitioners, as mentioned Annexure-AMA2, are hereby renewed as Authorized Medical Attendant during the normal working hours for the treatment of the Central Govt. Employees’ and members of their family residing at the station mentioned against each AMA, and places within a radius of 16 K.M. thereof, which are falling outside the definition of city limit of Kolkata and not covered by C.G.HS., for a period of one year, ie,, from 01.08.2014 to 31.07.2015. Annexure-ll contains the names of the Authorised Medical Attendents who were empanelled during the year 2013-14, but have not submitted application for renewal as A.M.A. for the year 2014-15, and have expressed their unwillingness to continue. Accordingly, their names are hereby removed from the list of Authorised Medical Attendants for the year 2014- 15, IMPORTANT NOTE FOR THE AMAs TO BE OBSERVED STRICTLY ) 1. AMAS are requested to submit applications for renewal at least 3 months before the date Of expiry of present term, The CGEWCC reserves the right to delete any name due to non-receipt of application for renewal in time. 2, AMAs are requested not to prescribe medicines for more than 3 to 4 days at a time. However, in case of 3 or 4 consultations the treatment should be restricted to maximum period of ten days. The fees for consultation and injection should be taken as per ‘, ‘ G.LM.H. O.M, No. $-14025/10/2010-MS dated 17.03.2011 of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (Department of Health) New Delhi. 3. Any change in address / degree etc. should be intimated immediately with documentary evidence. In case of death of AMA an intimation has to be sent to the Secretary, CGEWCC, Kolkata by the nearest relative of the AMA with a copy of death certificate. d\- [.SUBRATA SIL] SECRETARY, CENTRAL GOVT. EMPLOYEES’ WELFARE )RDINATI MM Memo No. CGEWCC/Kol/16/2014-15/ 370-727 Dated- 15.07.2014 1, The Secretary Govt. of India, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Nirman Bhawan, Moulana ‘Azad Road, New Delhi-110001. 2. The Chief Medical Officer, Bangur Hospital, Kolkata. 3. Chief Medical Officer, Howrah General Hospital. 4, Chief Medical Officer, Hooghly District Hospital, Chinsurah. 5. Chief Medical Officer, Nadia District Hospital. 6. Swamy Publications, Swandhya Mansion, 164, RK.Mulat Road, P.B.No. 2468, R.A.Puram, ‘Chennai-600028. 7. All Heads of the Central Govt. Offices under CGEWCC, Kolkata, with a request to provide the undersigned with an E-mail address at the E-mail Id given above so that the Annexure-AMA2 & Gaon /, (SUBRATA SIL] SECRETARY, CENTRAL GOVT. EMPLOYEES’ WELFARE CO-ORDINATION COMMITTEE, KOLKATA Secretary CGE WCC. Kolkau Aavakar Bhawan. 2/3F Annexure-AMA2 North 24 Paraganas si. ‘Name Qualification Regd. No. | Residential Address Chamber Address CC.Ward/ | Tele Phone No. ity Postal Zone 1 | Dr.S.N. Poddar | MBBS Reg.No. Poddar Clinic, East AGARPARA | 2553-2171 29177 Station Rd, Agarpara, 24 Pgs. (N), Kolkata-700109. 2 | Dr. Swapan kr. | MBBS Reg. No. 3/76, Mahajatinagar, | Tania Medical Hall, ‘AGARPARA | 2553-0057 Dey 42439 ‘Agarpara, 24 Pgs.(N) _ | Nilgunge Rd, Agarpara, 9433248881 24 Pgs (N), Kolkata-109 3 | Dr. Uttam Dutta | MBBS, DTM & H(Cal) _| Reg, No. Purbachal Sen Garden, AGARPARA | 2583-9085 39061 North Station Rd. , 9433080816 Agarpara, 24 Pgs(N)., 7 Kolkata-700109. 4 [Dr.PulinDas | MBBS Reg. | Urmilaloy, 153/2, Shaon Clinic, AGARPARA | 03216221315 No.35684 | Ashokenagar, 24Pgs(N) | Ashokenagar 9434185660 9647046338 5 |Dr.Gouranga | MBBS Reg. No. Arogya Niketan, 13,M.B. | BELGHARIA | 25410486 Ch. Roy 23717 Road, Belgharia, Kol-56 6 | Dr.Dulalch. | MBBS Reg. Dr. S.P. Mukherjee Rd, | 111,Feeder Road, BELGHARIA | 2553-2511 Choudhury No.28349 __| Kol-56. Belgharia, kol-56 2564-9670 7 | Or. Sailendra Ch. | MBBS, DTM&H Reg. No. 5/69, Jatin Das Nagar, | 4, Ghola Rd, BELGHARIA | 2541-4465, Dhar 31464 Kol-s6. Belgharia Kol-83. 8 | Dr. Siba Prasad | MBBS,DDV,DTM& _ | Reg. no. Mainak, P-178, Sree Durga medical BAGUIHATI | 2576-7192 chatterjee 31501 Ashutosh Choudhury | stores, Baguihati 2287-0477 Avenue, Kol-59 Kol-59