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We are a Dominican Movement, composed of groups mainly of young lay people. We try to
live our mission within the Dominican Family.
In many nations and on every continent, the Dominican Youth Movement offers a different
way to discover and live the Gospel.
We are different in the way we belong to the movement, but we all value the Dominican
lifestyle. We try to keep Jesus Christ at the centre of our lives. Prayer, study, community life
and preaching are the pillars of our lives.
In response to the desire to bring the message of Jesus Christ to all men and women of our
times, we try to use all the means and opportunities to preach God's Word.
Hospitality, mercy, friendship, the search for the truth through study and prayer, dialogue,
service to others and our experience of sharing Gospel values, define our groups and are our
method of preaching.
Trusting in the aid of the Holy Spirit and in our common faith, we are compelled to create a
world of justice, based on faith, hope and love.
We want to bring a fresh, vital and vigorous presence to the Order and to share in its history,
tradition and legacy. With the spirit of St. Dominic, we look to the future full of hope and
happiness as we try to discern the movement of the Holy Spirit in our own lives.

1. IDYM Membership Criteria
1.1 Acceptance of the IDYM Vision Statement.
Groups of young people between the ages of 18 and 30 (approximately) with
Dominican inspirations who accept the IDYM vision statement will be admitted to form
part of the International Dominican Youth Movement.
1.2 In accordance with the suggestions from the Chapter of Bolonia, IDYM
groups should keep in mind the following criteria
a) Participation in the Dominican mission of preaching and teaching the Word of God.
b) Active participation and collaboration in the concrete carrying out of the local and
universal mission of the Order.
c) Governance that expresses the democratic and communitarian tradition of the


1                                                                                                                                                                                                                STATUTES  

d) Community in life and prayer, unity in intercesory prayer with the whole Order;
formation and study for the ministry of salvation and apostolic works to which
they have been called.
e) Knowledge and acceptance of the history of the Order, its origins and spirituality.
f) Make a commitment that is public, formal, temporal and renewable
g) Those coming from movements associated with congregations of sisters, or groups
associated with the friars or others who desire to belong to the Order, should also be
recognized by the commission, council or secretariat of the Dominican Family in their
area (in addition to being admitted by the Superiors of the mentioned groups).
1.3 All groups who wish to become part of the IDYM agree to the following
1.3.1 All members should received some formation before making their formal
commitment as well as an on-going formation.
1.3.2 To promote, receive and accompany new members and groups.
1.3.3 Take an active part in the Organization at an international level, as well as to
send a delegation to the IDYM Assembly of representatives, collaborate in making up
guidelines for common action, programs of formation, common projects, etc.
1.3.4 They will support the operation of the international structure by sending
information about their groups to the secretary. Each member will collaborate
economically to support the International Coordination.

2. International Structure of the IDYM
2.1. Representatives Assembly
Will be held every three years and will be attended by a maximum of two
representatives from each country. At least one of them must be a lay person. The
groups of each country who are affiliated to the IDYM will elect the representatives
from their country.
At the time of voting the criteria one vote for country will be maintain. The delegates
from each country assume the responsibility of ensuring that the information on the
decisions taken at the Assembly reaches the local groups.


2                                                                                                                                                                                                                STATUTES  

2.2 International Commission
The International Commission is composed by
a) Current Executive Secretary
b) Former (previous period) executive secretary
c) Delegate chosen by the friars
d) Delegate chosen by Dominican Sisters International
e) Three members chosen by the Representatives Assembly (of which at least two
must be lay persons)
The members of the International Commission agree to take part in the meetings of
the Commission and to assume the responsibilities conferred on them by the same, as
indicated in the Statutes:
a) Prepare Representatives Assemblies and International Meetings.
b) Implement the decisions of the Representatives Assembly.
c) Receive new groups to the IDYM.
d) Represent IDYM when delegated by the International Commission.
The International Commission will meet at least once a year.
2.3 International Meetings
A World Meeting will be held every six years. The main objectives of these meetings
will be to:
a) Propitiate a space for Dominican formation, community life and prayer, in which the
young people from all the groups can take part, sharing their experiences of the
charism of the Order.
b) Set guidelines for action and common mission projects.
c) Make the IDYM known.
The venue and host country for the International Meetings will be chosen by the
Representatives Assembly based on the suggestions made by the countries who are
willing to host it. The Representatives Assembly will be held during the World Meeting.


3                                                                                                                                                                                                                STATUTES  

In the organization of the international meetings, different forms of solidarity are
needed in order to ensure the participation of the representatives of all countries.
2.4 International Secretary
The International Secretary will be elected by the International Commission after
hearing the opinions of the Representatives of the countries.
The duties of the Secretary are:
a) To participate in the meetings of the International Commission.
b) To represent IDYM whenever needed.
c) To keep up to date information on all the groups.
d) To gather supportive documentation for the groups.
e) To maintain the IDYM web page.
f) To communicate information to the groups.
g) To support the organization of International Meetings.
h) To seek for financial resources for the IDYM.
i) To keep the IDYM accounts up to date.
The International Secretary is the reference point for the IDYM for information and
documentation. It's a service for all the IDYM groups.
The secretary will inform the International Commission of the financial state and its
management every time it meets.
The International Executive Secretary will be elected for a period of three years. The
secretary will not be eligible for re-election after two consecutive periods in office.