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THE HERITAGE OF SOCIOLOGY A Sories Edited by Morris Janowitz Alfred Schutz ON PHENOMENOLOGY AND SOCIAL RELATIONS Selected Writings Edited and with an Introduction by HELMUYT R. WAGNER a. ted THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO PRESS CRICAGO AND LONDON Ag12384 International Stondard Book Number: (Clothbound) 0-226-74152-4 (Paperbound) 0-226-74153-2 Librory of Congeess Catalog Card Number: 73-102072 ‘Tae Usiversiry oF Cucago Press, CHicaco 60637 ‘Tar Usiversity oF Ciicaco Parss, [-rn., LoNDox © 1920 by The University of Chicago Press. AUL rights reserved Published 1970 Second Impression 1973 Printed in the United States of America Contents ACKNOW).EDEMENYS irnopnenioN by Helmut R, Wagner 1. PHENOMENOLOGICAL FOUNDATIONS Phononenclogical Baseline ‘The Life-World Th THE COGNITIVE SETTING Orientation and Unterpretat Jevanices and Typification IH. acting IN THE LIFE WORLD Acting and Planning Freedom, Choice, and Interest W. tHe WORLD OF SocTAL RELATIONSHIPS Interactional Relation: CONTENTS Interpersonal Communication Diatrihution of Knowledge V. REALMS OF EXPERIENCE Transcendences and Multiple Re VIL THE PROVINCE OF SOCTOLOGY 13, Interpretative Sociology 14, Sociological Inqniries epu,ocur: Social Seience Makes Sense GLOSSARY BIBLIOGRAPHY, Acknowledgments As eptTo« of this volume, I wish to express jon of the help and support | have recived preparation. In the first place, I owe thanks to Professor Morris Janowitz for suggesting the inclusion of » volume on Alfred Sch 1 series The Heritage of Sociology and for entrusting me with the fark of putting it togeler, The Faculty Research of The Colleges of the Seneea alory work, in 1968, by @ Sun project, however, would have heen writings by the University of Chicago Press, she fostered my editorial efforts with and painful process of disent complications whieh Hower R. Waxes