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Author: Shilpa Yakalaspur

Submitted: 26-AUG-2008
Description: This code is to find and eliminate the hexadecimal characters (also
referred to as special characters or invisible characters) that cannot be loade
d into BW. These characters usually appear as '#' but internally they are hexade
cimal characters like the return carriage, new line carriage, tab, etc. This cod
e applies to a Unicode BW system version 3.5. This code can be used in the trans
fer routine for the info object which is getting special characters. This code i
s for the info object 0prod_desr which is of type character & length 40 and is u
sed as a separate character in the reporting infoprovider. The dataload into thi
s infoprovider was failing whenever a hexadecimal or an invisible character (whi
ch later appears as #) was present in the info object value for 0prod_descr. Thi
s code solved the problem.

DATA: v_prod_descr.
v_prod_descr = tran_structure-prod_descr.
REPLACE ALL OCCURRENCES OF cl_abap_char_utilities=>cr_lf IN v_prod_descr WITH '
REPLACE ALL OCCURRENCES OF cl_abap_char_utilities=>horizontal_tab IN v_prod_desc
r WITH ' '.
REPLACE ALL OCCURRENCES OF cl_abap_char_utilities=>vertical_tab IN v_prod_descr
WITH ' '.
REPLACE ALL OCCURRENCES OF cl_abap_char_utilities=>newline IN v_prod_descr WITH
' '.
REPLACE ALL OCCURRENCES OF cl_abap_char_utilities=>form_feed IN v_prod_descr WIT
H ' '.
REPLACE ALL OCCURRENCES OF cl_abap_char_utilities=>backspace IN v_prod_descr WIT
H ' '.