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Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis

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The Grid puts special requirements on the Network because often the Grid requires predictable Quality of Service
(QoS) to ensure that services can be coordinated in an end-to-end (or more precisely service-to-service) fashion. This
has implications for both the Grid runtime and its integration with the network layer. If the Grid has as discussed in
section 6.2, a clearly defined messaging substrate then it is relatively clear how one can integrate network and Grid
runtimes. The capabilities needed were pioneered by the well known Network Weather Service [NWS] and fall into two
areas. One needs to be able to monitor and predict network performance; secondly one has to be able to use this
performance information to either reserve network capability or if this is not supported, one needs to estimate which
routing strategy will most reliably realize ones goals. This must be achieved in the typical dynamic multi-supplier
multi-technology network and take account of performance degradations and security issues at firewalls. It is likely that
in general different protocols could be used in different parts of the routing and suggests that decisions as to routing and
protocols should be made at the messaging and not the service layer. The latter should have API’s to specify priorities
and expected bandwidth/latency requirements.

Networks have developed the concept of NOCs (Network Operation Centers) to manage the operation of networks
coping with hardware issues and security problems like denial of service attacks. It is possible that Grid Operations
Centers (GOCs) will emerge adding control of the core Grid resources (servers and message brokers) and at least this
concept should be explored. This is related to the requirement of service-to-service QoS which is challenging when the
country backbone and regional networks are under different control.

More details on the interaction of Grids and networks can be found in the appendix section A.2.11.1.

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