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Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis

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Published by: ss2315 on Jan 14, 2010
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• Extensions to OGSA-DAI to support federation, on-the-fly filtering
• This can be broadened to set of domain specific interfaces OGSA-DAI-AstroGrid, OGSA-DAI-EBI, OGSA-DAI-
Environment etc. We need to analyze the common features of DataGrid application areas and build domain specific
support on top of a more advanced Grid Service framework for collections of Scientific data repositories.
Capabilities needed include
o Federation & Integration
o Complex Views
o Schema versioning
o Rollback
o Computing on demand for data rich problems
o Security
• Capital radio requirements
• Data curation needs substantial attention (Appendix section A. and [Curation-A] [Macdonald02A])
• Need to support existing meta-data catalogs in a variety of fields that will NOT change as well established.
Requires wrapping

o Have both cases of collocated and separated data and meta-data

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