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Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis

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Published by: ss2315 on Jan 14, 2010
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myGrid will offer some provenance support [MyGrid-D], by recording what is being executed and when. This myGrid
work will focus principally on the type of data (and their ontologies). The solution will be simple and centred on the
enactment engine publishing such an information into a notification service, with a consumer storing it in a repository.
In reality, a solution is required that is distributed, scalable, and secure, not only for registering provenance data but also
for reasoning about it. This is a new research area in itself: it requires us to design new algorithms for submitting
provenance data asynchronously and securely, to study their correctness, and to design high performance services able
to execute them.

The original version of this contribution can be found in the appendix, section A.


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