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PERSONAL PROFILE: - I am talented hardworking person, I believe in myself. I believe if

there is a will there is a way. I also see myself as a person who likes trying new things out,
meeting new people and making them comfortable around me. I keep to time very well and
very flexible, can work anywhere any time, I fit perfectly in any job am placed in. I believe in
professionalism, am self motivated, confident, approachable, intuitive and Inspire people
around me. I consistently work to the highest professional standard required; now looking for
a daily challenge to develop my knowledge and initiatives.

Great Interpersonal skills;

Excellent communication skills;
Active listening and problem solving skills;
Customer Service skills;
Leadership skills;
Team player;
Self Management;
Service Management
Good I.T skills with proficiency in the use of Microsoft office packages and other
support software as provided by the organisation with minimal training required.


Copland Community High School
6 GCSEs including Maths & English C
Certificate in ICT-Distinction

Sept 2009-july 2011

Harrow College
BTEC Diploma Business- MM (Merit)

Sept 2011 July 2013


BA (Hons) International Business Management
Modules: Essentials of Management, Business
Information ,Marketing , Personal and professional development

Sept 2013 July 2016

Skills and achievements


Articulate, engaging and confident communicator with an ability to understand

and match to a range of personal communication styles whilst working in a retail
environment at Bliss Pharmacy.

Possess effective verbal communication skills in group or individual situations

developed via coursework presentations to a panel of experts.

Successful in the prioritising and planning activities relating to both academic

and work experience taking into account all the relevant issues such as deadlines
and resource requirements.

Accomplished at thinking ahead in order to establish an efficient and appropriate

course of action for self and others, evidenced during my role as a Sales

Exhibits a consistent approach to planning of daily tasks at work displaying

resilience and maintaining effective performance in a variety of situations and
under changing circumstances on the retail floor.

Demonstrates collaborative team-player skills in liaising closely with colleagues

and line managers, providing accurate updates and progress against team

Active participant in team discussions with consideration for the feelings and
needs of others whilst undergoing group project work at college.

Planning and

Team working

Work History
Bliss Pharmacy
Sales/ Beauty consultant (part time)

Nov 2012- Sept 2013

I worked with French brands like Guerlain, American brands like skinceuticals,
Dr.perricone skincare and also British products like; yadley. I also worked with
different brands of perfumes and very conversant with the latest brands/ fashion
Advising customers on the location, selection, price, use and care of goods available
from the store, with the aim of encouraging them to buy and to return to buy in the
I operated cash registers and accept payment,
I took special orders for items not currently in stock, or not normally stocked, and
notify customers when the items have arrived
I Package goods for customers when the item is ordered and phone customers for pick
up or arrange delivery if needed.
I price, stock and display items for sale and keep the store tidy and attractive
I also participate in stocktaking (counting and describing the goods in stock)
Lastly I fully and actively participated in promotional activities to create awareness
for new and existing products.

Sales Advisor- Temporary

current employer
NOV 2013- DEC 2013

My main responsibilities was adding to the customers experience in store; like

offering teas and coffee, minced pies, engaging with the customers to know
what they wanted, why they wanted it and talk through the Vodafone offers.
I was also involved with red boxing, sim swaps; URU checks, upgrades (with
the guidance of my team members).


DEC 2013- MAY2014


My main responsibilities are; customer service, food preparation and cleanliness and
Good customer service with a fast and accurate service and also show sensitivity to
customers individual needs.
Handling of cash and operating tills.

Enthuse Care
Healthcare assistant
Responsible for my clients personal care such as; bathing, dressing, lifting if
necessary, administering medication.
Supporting my clients physically and emotionally; such as listening, offering advice
and friendship.

1. Awarded best employee of the month march 2014
2. Ensured smooth running of service and kept complaints level to the barest minimum.
3. Ensured smooth running of operations, managed complaints to a minimal level, raised
customer satisfaction level thereby generating more customers, referrals and old
customers returned.
4. Met and surpassed targets with team, sales figures rose about 50% per week and
increases recorded in other add-ons as evidenced by performance indicators.
5. Received bonus for targets when met every month.
Hobbies and interest
I love Reading motivational books
I visit the gym very often
I like meeting new people and putting smiles on their faces
I enjoy listening to music as a means of relaxation.

Available on request