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Khortytsa Platinum Vodka Scores 94 Rating at

Ultimate Spirits Challenge

Khortytsa Platinum Vodka retains its standing as one of the

world's leading vodkas with an excellent competition score.
Ukraines famed Khortytsa (HorTi-Tsa) Platinum Vodka scored a
94-point rating at the 2014
Ultimate Spirits Challenge. This,
on the heels of the Distillery
being named among the worlds
best distilleries at the 2014 New
York International Spirits
Competition (NYISC).

Khortytsa is recognized as
one of the world's leading
vodkas because it over
delivers on quality in
relation to its price.

Khortytsa Platinum Vodka is imported to the United States by

Megapolis USA, a subsidiary of Global Spirits and retails for a
suggested $14.99/per 750ml.
In addition to a score of 94, which equates to excellent and highlyrecommended for consumers, judges noted that the vodkas taste
was, Spring water clear with a big, assertive, snack cracker-grain
aroma. Toasty on the palate, it is dry with a creamy texture. A
winner on all levels.
The competition named Khortytsa a great value, which indicates
products with a favorable relationship between their price and final score. Finally, Khortytsa
also received the Tried & True Award, which is given to products that are entered into the
2015 competition and have scored 85 or higher in two prior USC competitions. It is a way to
recognize consistency of product quality.
Khortytsa is recognized as one of the worlds leading vodkas because it over delivers on
quality in relation to its price, noted Yuri Samar, sales and marketing director, Megapolis
USA/Global Spirits. The brand is growing quite rapidly in the US, and is expected to be up
over 30% in 2014.
About the Ultimate Spirits Challenge:
Ultimate Beverage Challenges mission is to create and establish a new and higher standard

of evaluation for spirits and wine that provides accurate, meaningful and useful results in
recognizing and promoting the quality of beverage alcohol products. It accomplishes this by
the integrity of its people and approach, its innovative and exacting methodology, and
through the credibility of its results.
About Global Spirits:
Global Spirits is a leading international manufacturer and marketer of wine and spirits. Established
in 2008 and headquartered in Ukraine, Global Spirits now ranks as one of the top 500 companies in
Europe, with annual volumes over 12 million cases. Distributed in over 80 countries, key strategic
brands include Khortytsa Vodka (3rd largest selling international vodka brand*) and Morosha
Vodka (fastest growing international vodka brand*). For more information on Global Spirits, please
see the corporate website:
*According to Drinks International, Khortytsa was the third largest selling global vodka brand
at 6.4MM cases in 2013.


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