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Day 1

Due: Read 93-109 and DN

Day 2
Due: Any five rows of the
symbolism chart.

SWBAT: Relate observations from

the brown eye/blue eye study to
Morrisons text.

SWBAT: Identify literary technique

SWBAT: Understand symbolism in Morrisons text and what it is
in Morrisons text.

SWBAT: Students will be able to analyze

symbolism as it relates to theme in The
Bluest Eye.

I. Reading Quiz
II. Gather in groups and create
discussion question.
III. Work on chart.

I. Take examples from
homework (and check).
II. Complete 5 rows of worksheet
in pairs.
III. Begin in-class reading.

I. Review reading in class.
II. Annotate passages in class.
III. Use paragraph worksheet to
structure an analytical paragraph

I. Review annotated worksheet in class.
Check discussion notes.
II. Complete symbolism in-class chart.
III. Start reading for 132-163.

Homework: Complete symbolism


Homework: 132-163 and DN

Homework: Any five rows of the

symbolism chart.

Homework: Read 110-131 and


Day 3
Due: Read 110-131 and DN

Day 4
Due: Complete symbolism chart.