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PHYSICAL CONSTANTS Based on values in the Ameri Taylor, Parker, and Langenber; of the datum, has been omit jes Handbook (1957), except where superseded by the de «1, 375 (1969). The probable error for exch value, proper! Name of Quantity Symbol Value Speed of light in vacuum ¢ 2.9939 x 10% m st Charge of electron qe =1.602 x 10-? C Rest mass of eleetron m 9.10 x 10 Ratio of charge to mass of electron ait 1.759 x 10! C kg Planck's constant h 6.626 X 105853 Boltzmann's constant k 1.381 x 10-99 Ko! Avogadro's aumber (chemical scale) No 0 Universal gas constant (chemical scale) Rg $314 J mole“! K-! Mechanical equivalent of heat J 4.183 x 10° J Keal-! Standard atmospheric pressure Latm 1.013 x 100 No Volume of ideal gas at 0° C and 1 atm liters mol (chemical seale) Absolute zero of temperature ox =273.15° C ‘Acceleration due to gravity (se2 level, at equator) 9.78049 m 5 Universal gravitational constant G 6613 x 10“! No mt ke Mass of earth me 587: Mean radins of earth 6371 x 10 m = 395 Equatorial cadius of earth 6378 x 1m = 3 Mean distance from earth to rau 149 x 10! m = 9.29 x 10? mi Eeceniricity of eart’s oto Mean distance from eacth 79 moon, Diameter of sun Mass of san Coulomb's law constant Faraday’s constant (1 faraday) 3 of neutral hydrogen atom Mass of proton Mass o! Mass o Ratio of mass of proton to mass of electron constant for nucleus of infinite mass 0.0167 3.84 x 104m = 60 earth radi 1.39 x 10? m = 8.64 x 108 mi