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CEP 452: Lesson Plan

Title: Tic-Tac-Adjective
Author: Sarah Melnik (Lesson adapted from Kelli E. Butler)
Subject: Language Arts
Grade Level: 4th
Duration: 40 minutes
Unit Description: This is lesson 1 on a week-long adjective unit that will eventually
include comparative and superlative adjectives.
Lesson Goals:
Students will be able to use an adjective correctly in a sentence to describe
Students will be able to identify the correct way to use an adjective in a
Common Core Standards:
CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.3.1.A: Explain the function of nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives,
and adverbs in general and their functions in particular sentences.
Big Ideas: Adjectives are describing words that can provide more detail for the object
or idea that it is describing.
Hearing impaired students will receive the overhead pages at their desk and
will receive written instructions for all activities.
Students who are unmotivated or uninterested in language arts content will
be engaged in this activity since it involves a game and teamwork. These
Anticipatory Set: Teacher will read Go Away Big Green Monster by Ed Emberely.
Teacher will stop throughout book to ask questions about descriptors. How did the
author describe the monsters hair? How did the author describe the monsters
skin? What color is it?
Introduce and Model New Knowledge: Teacher will describe to students what an
adjective is and give three examples from book and their own thoughts. Together the
Adapted from CAST: UDL Lesson Plan Builder:
Lesson adapted from

students will write their own adjectives on the board or will tell the teacher what
adjectives to write.
Provide Guided Practice: Students will be divided into two teams. Team A and Team
B. There will be a sentence on the board with adjective options and Team A will have
to choose the correct adjective for that sentence. If Team A guesses correctly, they
will get to place a tic-tac-toe piece on the board. If the guess wrong, Team B can steal
their point if they guess correctly instead. Teams will switch turns each time. Teams
will work together to decide on which adjective is correct. Teacher will give helpful
hints and aid in processing during this activity. Instant feedback will also be given.
Sentences may include The house was ________ (big, funny, happy) and had ____ (best,
green, busy) shutters. The teacher will be using an ELMO so the sentences and game
pieces can be made larger or add contrast for custom displays. The teacher will
write all responses and feedback on the paper for hearing impaired students.
Provide Independent Practice: Students will use the list of adjectives from before
and independently write five sentences. Teacher will monitor students during this
practice and help students who need support.
Students will be called using popsicle sticks with their name on it to write a sentence
on the board. Students can write or tell their sentence and will be assisted during
Formative, Ongoing Assessment: During tic-tac-toe, teacher will assess students
knowledge of adjectives based on their answers to the sentences. Teacher will give
feedback as needed. Teacher will also assess students understanding during
independent practice. This will be a way to assess individual student understanding.
Summative Assessment: Students will write five of their own sentences using their
own adjectives. They can only use 2 adjectives from the list given and will have to
think of 3 on their own. Assessment will be considered passing if 3 out of 5
sentences are used with adjective that makes sense.

Tic-tac-toe board & pieces

Copies of overhead for hearing impaired students
Blank paper for sentence writing and assessment
Go Away Big Green Monster by Ed Emberely

Adapted from CAST: UDL Lesson Plan Builder:

Lesson adapted from