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November 2014

Dear friends of Greysbrooke School

We are happy to write to you with our news, especially because this
academic year is very important to us: our school has just turned 50!
This means there are lots of celebrations and official acts taking place, and
parts of the buildings have been refurbished and prepared for the
Look at the graffiti that a student from our Secondary school made of the
name of the schools patron, Sant Francesc:

But we all got the chance to become artists and leave our print on the
walls of the school, students, teachers and other staff:

November 2014

We also had very special visitors to commemorate this date: ex-students

and relevant people of the city of Vilanova i la Geltr, like the Mayor:

She uncovered a sign with the message that identifies our school: Pau i B,
which means Peace and Good in our Catalan language.

November 2014

Even the school churchs bell had a minute of fame when she was
repaired and hung on her original place and her name was written on the
wall too:

We also celebrated, in early October, the day of Saint Francis of Assisi, the
patron saint of our school, with lots of different activities. We
remembered the life of Saint Francis and his good deeds:

November 2014

But we also found time to party!! We like music, and we like dancing!

November 2014

At the end of October we studied one of your favourite traditions,

Halloween: its origin, how it is celebrated, and we decorated our

Now we are close to the end of term so we are tired and busy with exams
and projects, but soon it will be time to celebrate again!! Christmas this
time! So we are rehearsing Christmas carols and looking forward to all the
acts of that festive period. It seems that we cant stop the party!
We hope you are having fun at your school as well and we look forward to
hearing from you very soon.
Our best wishes for all of you and for Christmas and the New Year!

Good-bye from your friends of Sant Bonaventura School!