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UNLV Student: Amanda Oliveto

PSMT Name: Ms. McGowan

Lesson Plan Title: About Me!

Lesson Plan Topic: Introductions

Date: 2/6/14

Estimated Time: 20-30 minutes

Grade Level: 3rd Grade

School Site: Thiriot Elementary School

State Standards:
RL.3.1- Ask and answer questions to demonstrate understanding of a text, referring explicitly to the text
as the basis for the answers.
Teaching Models:
Lemov Strategies: I will be using post-it in this lesson because it is important for the students to have
resources they can turn to in the classroom. With Post-it, I created a poster about myself which will be
hung in the classroom for the kids to see every day. This will also help them to answer my stem
questions during the lesson.
Objectives: The students will be able to demonstrate understanding of my presentation by writing stem
sentences and answering my questions.
Materials and Technology Resources:

Poster Board
Smart Board/ELMO/Overhead
Lined Paper
Stem Sentences

Instructional Procedures:
a. Motivation/Engagement: I will start the lesson by having the class gather around on the carpet. I
will then formally introduce myself and briefly go over what they will be doing. To get them
excited and interested I will introduce my poster and begin sharing who I am with the students.
b. Developmental Activities or Learning Experiences: After I have finished sharing my poster and
introducing myself, I will give the students about 3-5 minutes to ask me questions about things
they want to know. If the students do not have any more questions then I will move onto the
next phase of the lesson, Stem sentences. I will write three questions on the board that they
must answer which correlate with my presentation. On the overhead, I will write out the stem
for each question and then they must do the same and answer the question.
c. Closure: At the end of the lesson, the class will gather back on the carpet and I will call on
students to answer the questions and share what they put.
d. Extension: If there is time, students may ask me any more questions they have about me or they
may get with the people at their desks and share their answers.

Accommodations, Modifications and Differentiations for Diverse Learners: For my gate students I will
have more questions for them to answer if they get done ahead of the rest of the students. For my
struggling students I will go around and help them one-on-one if they get stuck during the stem
Assessment and Evaluation of Learning:
a. Formative: I will formatively assess my students throughout the entire lesson by asking
questions and finding out their input. I will also assess them through the stem sentences to see
if they comprehended my presentation, or if they were even paying attention.
b. Summative: At the end of the lesson, we will get together to share our stem sentences and see
what everyone put as the answers to the questions.
Homework Assignment: For homework, I want the students to write me a paragraph about themselves,
so that I may get to know them too. Their paragraphs may include their hobbies, favorite animal,
anything that will tell me a little something about who they are and what they like to do.


1. What sport does Ms. Amanda Play and at which school does she play at?

2. According to Ms. Amanda, what is the most important thing in her life?

3. What is Ms. Amandas favorite animal and why?

4. What is Ms. Amandas favorite movie?

5. Does Ms. Amanda have any siblings? If so, how many?