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Those charts holp to answor questions such as.. How does a C Melody Maker compare in pitch to a C Major? Which key of the Natural Minors is the highest in pitch? Pitch Charts blow, relative to MMODLE C ‘Shows the pic othok ‘Use mee chars to compare the pth various keys In atoront tunings. oy co Natural rs pes Cera ci ci [ister array at etl Posies) Key_| #18107 Kor] #1200 Key_] #18007 Highest. }_—+-—_— Pitch 2 Highest fe | fe Dom_| Fe rm |_ Pitch FF cn |F fa [F o | . ana [ 6 ‘an 0 dn _| 0 eo Tab | om ‘em oe aye fen [8 ca oo] Fm | em ee ee Lowest | S| ca = m Pitch Pitch er |e * 4) Mate Cis the name given tore musical note © ‘whichis in he middle othe pane Keyboard 2) Middle Cis te pten ofthe ole #1 blow on a ifajor Detonicharmonca, CC Pesiton of Middle Conan 83: LO keyboard