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snnvaate ‘Temas para hablar en nglés + Bibiognti + Bibiogafi + Gamma 1 Kew + Grammar + Gam PRONUNCIATION VOCABULABRIO EN INGLES ‘CANCIONES PARA APRENDER INGLES ‘Becreadesi 2 Webs amis Enso Inglés + TECNICAS Dr ESTUDIO Weirdo (5 votes, average: 4,00 out of 5) ‘ Inonferioyso.asi0 Temas para hablar en inglés categoria: DESTACADOS, NIVEL. BI (termediate, NIVEL. B2 (Advanced), Speaking, Speaking Temas para hablar en inglés “Temas pas habla en inglés, necesita? Here you have some lopcs which could he use fr You to pret your orl sil. They ae quite advanced topes ntnded 6 make students pve thet opinions and arguments on some curen lpi hich alt sesety on thle everyday tie Remember, ifyou realy want iy saying goes "active makes ers ve your Engi, you must practise as muchas you can, even on your own, justo get Muency 25 the hitptawebeeingles.comiivel-bttemas-pare-halar-eringles! snnvaate ‘Temas para hablar en nglés 1, To what extent ihe sof enim sonic rosearchassopable? 21 nos are sometimes seen ae necessary bat not poor sieratve oa nara environment Discus some ofthe argument for andor agaist keeping animals in 7008, 4, Edacaton is the spe most portant fctorin the development of county. Do you agree? (Childe should never be educsed at home by their parents Do You agree or disagree? [i Bian, when someone gels ld, they olen got vein hone with ober ld people where thre ae nurse to look afer the, ‘Sometimes th goverment has to pay for his eare, Who shouldbe responsible fr our old people? Give reasons 6, Insome couuss the werage worker i obliged to see tthe age ofS, we it otbers people ea Woik unt they are 65 07, Ua what age do you thik people shouldbe encouraged to remain in pad employment? Give reasons for Your answe. 7. Towhat exearhas the tditonal male role changed in the las 20 years? TV Scouldyou be without #” Discus 9. Toure is becoming ieresingly portant a a source of revere to many counies bute dkadvantges should not be overlooked Whatare tome ofthe problems af ours? 10, Should chiren be wught sex education nsehool? 11, Most high level job are done by mea, Should he goverment encourage a cern percentage of thet jabs tobe reterved for women? 12; Ate famous people uated unaily by the media? Should they be ven more privacy Fs te pice of Wei Tame an ivasion ato thie private lives? 13, Willmodem technology such asthe internet ever replace the book ote writen wordas the main soureof information? 14, Should crimisals be punished wih lengthy al toms o e-educatod and rehabisted sing community service programs for instance, before being reinroduced to society” 15, Recyeing Is Necessary. Do you ages or disagree? enw weno {2 Sw ‘sha Coro acrnio Fliquetas: BL, BO, ssouca ofl de idioms, enimencs ona, oils, syings, speaking, ons Prueba Google AdWords Lega 2 us clientes online Ancinclate en Google hoy misma Deja un comentario “Tu ieccién de correo electrnico no serépubliceda Los campos necssaris estin marcados* Nombre: * Email: Sito web SETS" Mensaje: * Puedes utili as siguicntesciguetas atributos HTML: «o>
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