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The Springs of Achievement Series on the Art of Photography Taking his camera where most of his artist friends carried their easels and paint boxes—through the streets of Barbizon and along the wooded paths of the Forest of Fontainebleau—Bugéne Cuvelier brought the spirit of mid-nineteenth-century landscape painting to the sell young medium of photography. His carefully ‘composed and richly printed photographs were admired by the pre-Impressionists, contributing to their vision while drawing inspiration from their paintings. The Metropolitan Museum of ‘Act celebrates this erost-fertilization of photography and the other arts, giving overdue recognition to the creator of some of the ‘most lyrical landscapes in early photography. Springs Industries is proud to sponsor this beautiful and timely. ‘exhibition at its only American venue, The most recent addition to The Springs of Achievement Series on the Art of Photography, now in its eighteenth year, this exhibition exemplifies our com- mitment to honor cteative expression and to bring to the public ‘outstanding achievements in photographic art. Walter ¥. Elisha Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Springs Industries EUGENE CUVELIER Photographer in the Circle of Corot THE METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART