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PRE nena Contec on Poveran nr (Con), ese 20, te aan Maan Reduction of Magnetizing Inrush Current in a Delta Connected Transformer K.P. Basu and Ali Asghar” Faculty of Eaginig, Matin University. Cybern, Malaysia, Ena tr basodmes dm fe become ser gh ‘hein caren may ered ter yer ty comming he entre cng ot peak ae of {he ge oe ining aed tance se ae ‘hr pas heresies ae sated hin ery sor ‘ime ater withing the da winding Smeaton aie. tase wean wf desta ranare pe ‘he els unde ares operatnconditom Optima estat vo eed ft 4 lek dey of rh herent lage rap ne ore shred Magntzng ars current: deta side cept ote ed ecg 1 Istnopvcrow Production of big teas caret i x ig tastes Sarig siting nthe soppy ays cas big poe ‘uty problem. tn» Grund market with diene [rerton avg ansorer Toaed erat poms fa stem makes the probim more acu The tase Voliage dp may caus motor pts, proketve ay rabfincton ‘her the past many decades. 4 large number of smu and expres stakes have Ree reported ‘nthe production and coal of ish carcas in ingle nd ee pase wansorners (1-8) Commonly aed techniques oer ish cet are insertion of seis ‘est, pisen wave suite ee Eerization of the ‘ramformer fom the sar sie allows the cond of roa resistor utlaing the adbanage of uaa ‘he pha inh crew and sania switching of pasos acevo th ection of tars cent [9-10 ‘No eens research om nh cer repo fr ‘he deideenerpeton of he tanec Rai oe INL which conetues that elyed and conoid ‘creation ofthe thd pase reduce inh cure ols 14 2a.40052000 6204 EE ‘ster, Malye, Eri lng my in one phase. Threfre, te ony opin resis for the reduction of ish care of i vanectd primary Ist inset exer ses series with he ine. These resistors iy be shorn afer te wh cue decays ‘at The esis may be inserted at he secondary of Proecive caren tnsformer Which may incase he ‘Vain fhe cso hip aloe and ate notch ‘This paper eps the sinlaon sus onthe irs cent pred Oy the dt side enero 9 dete ‘Sar tutwomer with addtional resto coon Series nit te Tse Optima value of the reir ‘roces quick doy ofthe inh chest blag the fests to he shred with very She tae ge. Tre nearby. agin Siege nef 08 Stcurg of ony one hae ao Sacer ence 1 DELTASIDEENERGIZATION Fig stows the dtasidecogiation of «elise tamlorner Unie oarade eeation ses ‘essane ison to oie nish ciara ponee et te Tne a ta ea wig fe eX Fig Detaside siching of tans ‘The equtonssovoring cares ad vlogs ofthe ta wining wih esr side ope are preset ow Lee in sl nan ese a Ben sinor®) mid) + nl 4) 41) EE sift) = m(doy niheefr@) Ey Eeusinore8-283)- noid +r) 3) Wher, Em Exe Ey ~ astataeots oases ass winds ‘sb intutanos nding cts Ch i-fmamamcus ise carers Or istarineous aes inking ach winding as 2“ IEE Iteration Conference on Pone and Energy (PECon 08), December 13, 2008, Johor Baar, Malaysia fi, re number of rumpus, resisancelphase of wining t,~ Series resistance in cach ine; & switching angle ‘The first peak of inrsh eurent depends upon the (i) inant of switching (8) or the voltage magnitade at the Tine, and (i) rermnant flux io the core. AS-the mo-load impedance angle of the ransformer is almost 90°, omtlled_stiching at 390" causes raximun, edueson in inrash coment. Balanced oF unbalanced ‘tae half of Eb ul the th ple of CB is closed Fab ‘rodoce winding current ibeo nd lea, which can not Etre the cores be apd ca. Delayed closing of the 3d tnd convoied switching ofthe third pole ofthe CB may proce negliibleinrush caren in_one tine onl. rent inte thr to tines Become very ih Fig3 Line curents 60; “Therefore, the only option remains for the reduction of ‘delayed closing somtcts may be wsed to reduce the nr cach Tine forthe purpose of protccton and metering Sable value of resitrs may be connected 1. the secondary of these transformers 10 PTE rsa Cafe Power an Ey (PECon OS), cee 3, 308, obra Ny ree any cosy equipment Bu massive incense of VA tangs of tee ce i chsced de to gh vue ecomor 15025 Mit andthe poms seni Seon S005 fone eteageeiar ereestanee Fig and Fig tow he smd ene of wah my coh eer estrada Fig Lie curens 50, (0250 delay = se Another method of reducing the inh caret i 1 erg anyone winding ofthe ease wi contol Siching at 02 and vesiance swing of he td Pe The revs shored afer tet ee dey 1°01 secml ss Giscosel extor’ The conoid ‘itching at the pen ony ie weap (6 =) maybe ‘aid ont th the lp of « pointonsave swshing. = Pig9 Line currents 5 72:15 = 05 delay = 0 150¢ 7 7 : 2 LEBE Inertial Conference on Power and Ener (PECon 08), Decenber 1,208, Johor Baars, Malaysia q ‘Go Trans Dari vl 14608 pp. 8955, an, 19 CIGRE wenn ry ek face 1307, Coral wich of [HVAC Choo bake, ef at Hor 188 pp 73, ae een estat ein ESURES EW Reewra Swen ta 15), Hotmaem, RS, eins, ad J, Rite, ~ Tne Sth ore, CXGRE Poe >see, SR Yael nd A. Atv Net, “The alin f rh et tarps tree” TEE Pro Bic Poet ‘opto (eno-ppSt 0 a @ cs [7], Mable and dam K.P. “Comptes Eaton of te That Ces in Troe” cr Pon Sen eno vote p71, [81 M_A Rabun and A Ganoopaiza, “Digi Simaton of permenant IEEE tron On foe ue VOLS. NGS 9 HH. {10} Wn Xa, 8.6, Aba, Yu Os and XL Seni ‘hse Enepatce Tenge for Transformer es Cane bn oa, = IEEE Tra Ov Pover Delve, V3, “i 20, (13) 5.6. Alam, Wibor “rinaice Xi, W. LA. News and X. Lig ate chenessfor an Settee Tet