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Masthead Clear bold at the top of the page, makes it easily see able for the

reader, makes it clear of the name and what part of the magazine it is.
Main ImageMakes it clear for
the audience to
see, relates to
the main topic
and the text and
underneath. The
image presents a
young, attractive
woman which
will aspire the
audience to be
travelling with
her and joining

Dateline Lets the

reader know when
the magazine was
published and how
up-to-date the
issue is.
These are a crucial
part especially on
a contents page as
it directs the
reader to where
abouts in the
magazine theyd
like to read.
Fonts The fotns
are easily readable
and shown in bright
colours to make it
clear to the

Mise-en-Scene Relates and mirrors the sub-genre of the

magazine. This is obvious by the appearance of the woman.