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Use Sexual Energy to Manifest and Influence
by Adana Washington

A Little Back Story

I've been out on the "streets" for a day now. I say that lightly because I spent the day at Starbucks, and now it looks like
I'll be spending the night at Denny's. If only I could remember the phone number to the hotel next door. Apparently I'd be
able to get internet access if I did. But I guess it wasn't meant to be. I'll try to remember to look it up tomorrow when I go
back to Starbucks.
Since I have all night, I figured I'd write to pass the time. I don't know what I'll write about. I guess I'll just let my thoughts
Today I did a few tarot readings about my path and my power, and my higher purpose in life. I pretty much got the same
thing for all of them: Surrender to the Universe.
It seems that I can only reach my greatest potential if I stop fighting the Universe's plan for me. I've spent the better part
of my life struggling with the dilemma of whether I should do the "conventional" thing or follow my heart and do what I
love. And since I needed to eat, I opted for the conventional methods of making a living. Yet, I could never stick to
anything. Probably because it wasn't what I was supposed to be sticking to in the first place.
Nowadays, I've been getting back to something that I'm actually passionate about: witchcraft.
In the past month or so, I've been coming out of the "broom closet" so to speak. I've started claiming my title as a witch
online, which has been freeing in a way. I've also been getting back into magic, research and spell work. And I've been
finding that to be rewarding. Yet, I know that I can be doing more. In fact, I kind of need to do more in order to survive
and thrive.
This past week has been especially eye-opening. I've been testing my limits, so to speak, to see what I'm really capable
of. And some of the things I've been doing has kind of flown in the face of the traditional views of witchcraft that I grew
up learning about. I've always been told that you can't make big grandiose miracles happen, and that if you try to make
something big happen, something else big would be a consequence -- and not necessarily something that you'd want to
For instance, I've always heard that if you work a spell to bring you a large sum of money, you could cause someone to
die in order for you to receive an inheritance. I've always thought that working magic in order to win the lottery would be
"bad" or at least not something that was feasible. So I never tried it.
But in the past week, I've won small amounts from the lottery on three separate occasions -- all because I willed it to be
so. On one of those occasions, I won on at least five tickets in a row. I just kept winning. It took some shadow work to get
my subconscious on board, but it worked. And I was amazed, because I didn't even realize that I could do something like
How did I do it? Sex magic.
I did a tarot reading to see why my subconscious was so set against me having money, and worked through the issues.
Then that night, I used my sexual energy to tell the Universe that I'd won the lottery. Not that I wanted to win, or that I
was going to win (I've done that before, and it didn't work). I told the Universe that I won the lottery. And as I raised

energy within myself, I couldn't keep the smile off my face. It just felt so fucking good.
And the next morning, my intuition told me to go to the store, get cash back, then stop at the convenience store on my
way back and get a lottery ticket. The Universe even showed me which ticket to get. And I won. Simple as that.
So if I can do that, it makes me wonder what else I can do.
But back to today.

A New Kind of Seduction

I ended up coming to the conclusion that I needed to surrender to the Universal flow by surrendering to my true nature.
So I started asking myself, what is my true nature? I got two hints, both on Tumblr. One was a video of a belly dancer
interpreting the tarot card Justice through dance. The other was a random post mentioning pheromones. Both of them
got me thinking about seduction. So I asked, is my true nature that of a seductress?
Well, that's weird. Was the Universe asking me to seduce men? Is that how I'm supposed to let the Universe's energy
flow through me? By luring men into my web? Probably not.
So I started looking up the archetype of the seductress. And all I found was a bunch of crap about attracting men. Which is
not what I want to think about right now. I'm kind of having to fight one off right now, and my boyfriend just broke up
with me this week. Men are not my priority.
I started questioning this, though: Why is it that when we think of seduction, the only thing we think of is attracting
someone? Why can't we use the same principles of seduction to attract something?
When I posed this question on Tumblr, someone suggested that sex magic was the answer. And to an extent, they were
right. Sex magic does employ sexual energy to draw forth and manifest desires. But I'm talking about seduction on a
different level.
What if we could use the same tactics for seducing men (or women) to seduce money, or to control traffic on the
freeway? What if we could use sexual energy for magic without having sex?
On one hand, this makes me think of the idea I had a few weeks ago for magical cosmetics. Lipsticks and perfumes
designed to help you work magic. I've even looked into using pheromones in my bath products a few years back, when I
was making soaps and bath bombs.
But on the other hand, what if we could tap into our sexual energy simply by will alone?

My Love Affair with Sex(ual Energy)

For years now, my favorite chakra has been the second, the sacral chakra. It's generally described as the sexual chakra,
where we derive our sexual energy. And I learned years ago, when I first started using energy magic, that I draw my
greatest strength from my sacral chakra. I even have two tattoos dedicated to it, one on my wrist, and the other right

over the chakra itself.

Funny enough, when I first started using energy magic, I associated the color green to the energy that I derived from my
sacral chakra. Green is typically associated with the heart chakra. It took me years to actually observe that connection. But
I digress.
Almost all my life, I've been drawn to sex. I started reading the Kama Sutra in middle school (long before I'd even kissed a
boy). I started watching -- and even drawing -- porn and masturbating even earlier. I wasn't necessarily in a hurry to have
sex. I was just fascinated by it.
Once I did start having sex, I quickly realized that I have an insatiable sexual appetite. No guy I've ever been with has
been able to keep up with me (much to the detriment of their ego). No matter how much sex I had, I would always want
more. This was also a time when I wasn't doing any magic or practicing witchcraft.
It wasn't until 2012, when I watched "Diary of a Nymphomaniac," that I realized what I was really searching for. In one of
my all-time favorite quotes, the main character gives her answer to a question she gets a lot: What do you feel when you
have sex? I can't remember the exact quote right now, but the gist of it is that she feels that her orgasm is a piece of her
that gets sent out into the cosmos and becomes one with the Universe.
I realize now that sex is a way to connect for me. But even after realizing that, I got the feeling that no man would give
me the connection that I was really craving. Or maybe just not the ones that I was with. Maybe my soul mate will be the
one I have that connection with. But for right now, we're talking about power, not playmates. Back to the topic at hand.

Back to the Base (Chakras)

I love sex. I derive power and energy from my sexuality, from my sacral chakra. In a way, I am a seductress. But since I
can't just start masturbating every time I want something, I'm going to have to get back to my roots. I'm going to have to
re-learn how to tap into my sexual energy using my will and intent in order to make things happen.
I used to do it all the time when I was younger. And I used to make all kinds of things happen. I would read people's
minds. I would create "force fields" to either make people horny (I was young -- don't judge me) or to shield myself from
sight. I've caused people not to see me, gotten out of detention with just a few words, and instigated orgies at the drop
of a hat. And in all those moments, not only was I not touching myself, but I was in the middle of real life. And I simply
used my will, coupled with that green energy from two inches below my navel, to make things happen.
A couple of weeks ago, I had a tarot reading that I won in a sweepstake. (The reader and I both thought it was a weird
kind of funny that a tarot reader would be the randomly selected winner of a Life Path tarot reading. But everything
happens for a reason.) In the reading, I learned that I'd been struggling needlessly. The reader told me that I have so
much power inside of me, but that I'd been using it incorrectly all this time. Instead of struggling and fighting to take the
tiniest steps forward, I could be moving mountains -- if I would use the power that I have within myself.
She also said that my path involved learning how to use my base chakras to attract what I want -- and then teaching
others how to do the same. Then she helped me come up with three cards to define myself: The King of Pentacles,
Queen of Wands and Eight of Wands. According to those cards, I am a person that can flourish by using my sexual energy
to quickly and effortlessly manifest my desires.

Hearing that, coupled with the events of this week and what I learned today during my own tarot readings, I can't help
but think that this is why I'm sitting in a Denny's at 12 a.m., with nowhere else to go. I needed to be hung upside down
and rid of all the distractions so that I could see what I'm supposed to be doing. Which is reacquainting myself with my
I'm writing this all out, because I get the feeling that I'm also supposed to share my knowledge with others, so that they
can learn to do the same thing. As the tarot reader told me, there is a great need for learning how to manifest using the
base chakras. They tend to get a bum rap in the spiritual and metaphysical world.
And that brings me to my other grievance about sexual energy and the sacral chakra.
When I posted about using sexual energy and seduction for things other than lovers, the commenter who replied and
mentioned sexual magic also mentioned how sex is so taboo. I think the same goes for sexual energy and the base
Everyone who is of a spiritual bent seems to be all holier-than-thou when it comes to the base chakras. Apparently if you
want to be an enlightened or spiritual person, you're not supposed to want anything. You're not supposed to use your
willpower, less it turns into ego.
But that's kind of bullshit.
Because if you aren't anchored in your base chakras, it makes it a hell of a lot harder to raise energy into the higher
chakras. And just as we use our third eye for psychic vision and our throat chakra to express our truths, why can't we use
our second chakra in a spiritual way as well?

A Different Approach to Magic

When I started trying to become a part of the witchcraft community on Tumblr, I damn near immediately started feeling
left out and excluded. I realized that I'm not one of those witches that perform intricate rituals or memorize chants and
incantations. I don't have an athame or a pentagram. I don't have a cauldron or an altar (although I do want to eventually
have both of those things). I don't have a patron deity, and I don't have any connections with any celestial or supernatural
Yet, I did learn that I am a pantheist. I believe that all gods, goddesses, deities, and anything else you can think of, are
part of one collective conscious -- the Universe. And I believe that the Universe is in and part of all of us. Since I was
raised by a bunch of black Southern Baptists, I still use the term 'God' when I pray. But I'm really talking to the Universe.
And last night, I had a strange and wonderful experience. As I was meditating before falling asleep, I saw the Universe
within myself. I literally visualized stars and space inside the confines of my skin. I saw the planets, Sun and Moon as my
chakras. And I felt so much energy that my skin was stretching. Literally. ( I don't exaggerate about this kind of shit.)
In my visualization, where the planets were my chakras, it was only natural that Venus was my sacral chakra. And
according to Agrippa and his description of planetary intelligences, which I use to make my Sigil Mugs, the beneficial
influences of Venus include: Encouraging concord, ending strife, curing melancholy, causing joyfulness and bringing good

fortune. (There are others, of course, but we're not talking about making babies or catching a man right now.)
Now, even though I'm a pantheist, I've had a few encounters with Venus. And when I think of Venus, I think of her as
being sassy as fuck. She takes no shit, and she doesn't take 'no' for an answer. If Venus wants something, she will fucking
get it. And 'it' doesn't necessarily mean a lover.
I don't think Venus is one for Spartan accommodations or scraping by day after day. Aside from love and sex, Venus is a
goddess of abundance and wealth, luxury even. She's not slumming it on a cot when she takes a lover. She's lounging on
the softest beds, with the silkiest sheets and every aphrodisiac known -- and unknown -- to man.
So if the goddess -- and planet -- most associated with sex is also all about enjoying the finer things in life -- because she
is also the goddess of pleasure -- then why can't we channel that same magic in our own lives? Why not call on Venus or
Aphrodite for abundance and pleasure of all kinds, instead of just love or lust? After all, there are all kinds of roses -- why
not all kinds of seduction and attraction? Even if you look at Venus in tarot, the Major Arcana associated with her is The
Empress. The Empress is all about abundance and motherly instincts, which she uses to create and manifest. So why can't
we use the abundance of our own "natural instincts" to create and manifest?
And if we follow that logic, why can't we use our own sexual energy without having to actually have sex? Why can't we
use our feminine wiles (no matter what gender you are) to draw things in, instead of having to force everything to

Tarot and Sexual Energy

Two other tarot cards just came to mind when it comes to tapping into your power: Strength and the Nine of Pentacles.
Strength should be obvious, but let's go over it anyway. It's usually got an image of a woman and a lion, and it's typically
associated with courage and compassion. It represents the more subtle kinds of strength, like patience and
perseverance. Yet, there's a different way of looking at Strength, in my opinion.
If you look at the traditional Rider-Waite version of Strength, the maiden is gently closing (or opening) the lion's mouth. In
other versions of the card, she's riding the lion like a horse. In my mind, Strength is about taming your "baser" instincts in
order to get what you want. It's not about forcing things to happen, but about encouraging them to play out in
accordance with your will. It's almost a persuasion happening between the maiden and the lion. She's persuading him to
not bite her, and to lend her his strength and nobility.
The same theme is happening with the Nine of Pentacles. In the Rider-Waite version of the card, the lady in the Nine of
Pentacles has a hooded falcon perched on her arm. The falcon represents her sharp, hunter-esque instincts. The hood
represents the taming of those instincts in order to zero in on her intended target, which in this case, is self-sufficiency
and luxury. It's because she was able to hone her instincts and use them to her advantage that she is now at a point
where she can sit back and enjoy her wealth and independence.
So if the Empress, the maiden of Strength, and the lady of the Nine of Pentacles can all use their natural instincts as a
source of power and manifest their desires or turn their ideas into reality, why can't we use our own sexual energy and
instincts to do the same?

There's even another tarot card that simply has to be included in this conversation: The Magician. If that's not a symbol of
personal power, I don't know what is. Only, The Magician has a different twist. Because The Magician is doing more than
just using his own personal power and instincts -- he's channeling the power of the Universe itself.
When you look at The Magician, he's usually pointing one hand towards the earth, and the other towards the sky. It's a
visual representation of the phrase, "As above, so below." The Magician is a card that's typically interpreted as having all
the resources you need to make things happen -- as long as you have clear vision and intent when it comes to your goal.
Yet, it's not until you get to the High Priestess that folks start mentioning your intuition and how you already have the
answers you need within. I think it's because most people cut the scene short when it comes to The Magician.
It's been my experience (and I'm sure that I'm not the only one), that when you have clear intent and vision AND channel
the power of the Universe to make things happen, you start getting signs and signals that point you in the right direction,
the direction of your goals and intentions. I've found that if I can channel the power of the Universe while holding an
intention in my mind, then open myself to receive information from the Universe after I've sent my request, I almost
immediately start getting that information. And since I'm a big fan of instant gratification, I find that method much more
appealing than the High Priestess' "sit and wait" approach.
So what am I getting at with all this?

A Different Kind of Sexual Healing

I believe that if we can learn to channel our own sexual energy along with the power of the Universe, then open
ourselves up to receiving information from the Universe, we can make magic happen that would amaze and astound us
all. If we can turn our energetic selves into microcosms that start with a Big Bang from our sacral chakras, we can manifest
anything that we can dream of, and so much more.
I used to use my sacral chakra for healing. I didn't know about reiki when I started. All I knew was that I could take the
negative energy of illness from someone's body into my body, and replace it with some of my own energy, then ground
the negative energy to be cleansed by the earth. I used visualization whenever I did this (and I still do), and the energy
that emanated from my sacral chakra was always green, fading into a bright yellow. (That inspired the tattoo below my
navel, a green spiral with yellow edges.)
Whenever I was healing someone, I would close my eyes while holding my hands about half an inch away from the area
where the person I was healing felt the pain. In my mind, I would focus on my sacral chakra and see the light start to shine.
When the energy was a ball the size of an orange, I would send the energy up my body and down my arms to my hands. I
could feel the warm tingling sensation every time as I sent the energy from my hands into the other person's body -- and
so could they.
One of the last times I used this ability of mine was in college, to heal the emotional pain of my boyfriend. It wasn't
something that I'd ever done before, but something told me to try it, for his sake as well as the sake of our relationship.
By using the same technique, I was able to help ease the emotional pain caused by his relationship with -- and separation
from -- his former girlfriend. During the process, I could see and feel what I can only describe as black static clouding his
energy, both in his head and in his heart. Only this time, instead of taking that energy into myself, I simply fed my own
energy into his until the black static dispersed. When he opened his eyes, there were tears. He said he could actually feel
what I was doing, and was astounded at how much better he felt.

Universal Influence and Infinite Abundance

Now, in all the times when I've used my sexual energy to heal or influence someone, or make things happen, I've never
felt tired or drained. In fact, I've felt more energized than before I started. And that's probably because I was tapping
into an infinite source of energy -- my connection with the Universe.
As we've all heard, the Universe is infinite. There is no limit to the amount of power, abundance, love and joy that can be
found in the Universe. So if we are part of the Universe, and if our very thoughts can influence the Universe, why would
we not be able to channel an infinite and ever-regenerative power from it? And if our sexual energy is a macrocosm of
the Universe's power of cosmic creation, it stands to reason that we have an infinite amount of sexual energy that we
can use to our benefit -- and the benefit of others.
Of course, we can just chalk all this up to sex magic. We can use sex magic to create and heal. We can use sex to soothe
mental and emotional trauma. And we can use sex magic to manifest our desires. I've done it, and I'm sure countless
others have been doing it since the first penis went into the first vagina.
But then I think about another thing that's reputed to have been around since the first coital acts: Sigil magic.
In my research into sigil magic, it's been posited that the cave drawings of early man were a type of sigil. Sigils are used
now as a way to direct and channel the power of our thoughts to create our desired reality. I use sigils to create my Sigil
Mugs for that very reason.
Yet, sigil magic builds on another kind of magic -- our very thoughts. If we can focus our thoughts on our desires and
affirm our desires and requests with the Universe, we can make things happen. It's quantum physics, or the Law of
Attraction -- whichever you prefer. But whether you call it science or magic, it's real. And that's the basis of sigil magic.
Only sigil magic uses writing and symbols to concentrate the energy -- to make the magic a bit easier for us. But we can
get the same results if we use just our thoughts alone.
So why can't we do the same with sexual energy?

Translating for the Heavens

I read somewhere that witches use herbs, candles, crystals, chants and everything else associated with magic in order to
focus their intent and to translate their earthy requests into a Universal language. It's been said that if you use the
traditional correspondences to work spells, it makes it easier to manifest your desires, because the Universe can more
readily recognize those correspondences. For instance, if you're casting an abundance spell, using earth elements or the
color green makes it easier for the Universe to say, "Oh, you're using green and pine because you want abundance. Well,
okay. Here you go."
I've heard it explained another way: Using "Heaven's Language." It was posited that mundane things that exist in our
world don't exist in Heaven in the same form. So if you ask God for a car, God is sitting in Heaven saying, "What's a car?"
And the angels simply shrug, because they have wings (and no free will). The theory was that if you want something, you
have to get to the essence of what you're asking for, which is the feeling that you believe that thing will get you. Then

you ask Heaven for the essence of what you want -- while visualizing the earthly manifestation of that request being
fulfilled. So if you want a car, you ask Heave for freedom or mobility, while visualizing yourself driving a new car.
This ties into the teachings of one of my favorite internet celebrities, Danielle LaPorte. Danielle teaches us all about Core
Desired Feelings, and how figuring out how we want to feel, and feeling those feelings in the present moment helps us
to lead a more fulfilling life. I think that's a good starting point when it comes to tapping into our sexual energy and using
it to manifest our desires.

Becoming Sexually Aware

As with using any type of power or resource, tapping into your sexual energy starts with becoming aware of it. No
matter your type of sexuality, we all have sexual energy within us. Even if you're not attracting to anyone or anything,
you have the ability to attract people and things. And it's in that knowledge that we start to tap into and strengthen our
For some of us, that's easier said than done. So here's an easy way to get started: Feel 'compelling.'
Imagine that you are a magnet, drawing in what you want. Just as Danielle suggests feeling the way that you want to
feel, start by literally saying to yourself (either aloud or in your head), "I feel compelling." You can substitute "compelling"
for "attractive," or even "magnetic." But simply tell yourself how you feel.
Let it sink in. Imagine drawing energy into your body. Picture golden light being pulled towards you from all the edges of
the Universe. And as that energy is drawn to you, focus on your sacral chakra. Whether it's orange or not is completely up
to you. This is your energy, your power, so you visualize it as it comes to you. See the energy of your sacral chakra
strengthening as it attracts the energy from the Universe. Once the energy surrounding your sacral chakra feels strong
and full, bring your attention to how you feel.
Observe how you feel physically. See how your skin feels, how your eyelids feel, how you feel in your own body. That is
how you begin channeling your sexual energy. That is how seduction begins. When you want to start using your sexual
energy to attract and manifest your desires, call up the feeling that you feel right now, as you open your sacral chakra.
Another way to jumpstart your sexual energy is through good ol' arousal. Get turned on, in the biblical sense. Think of
what "flicks your switch" and heighten your own arousal. Then just before you get to the point of sexual frustration, stop
and observe the feeling of your body. Look within and see or feel the strength and energy of your sacral chakra. Then
use that as a reference point when you're ready to start working your magic. You can even do this every time you want
to use your sexual energy.

Energetic Seduction
Now that you are aware of your sexual energy and know how it feels, you can begin to harness it by adding your will and
intent. This comes in handy when you're trying to convince someone to "bend" to your will. Because if Strength from
tarot teaches us anything, it's that force isn't always the best way to get what you want. This is where seduction is most
obvious when we're talking about using our sexual energy to create results.

When it comes to working with other people, it takes both sexual energy and psychic energy. You could try to batter
someone into submission psychically, but you'll probably drain yourself to the point of exhaustion. Yet, if you can
psychically "persuade" someone into doing what you want, it's not only drawing from a different energy source, but the
person is more likely to remain open to you and any other requests you have.
Being able to influence someone with sexual energy creates a different feeling than when you use psychic energy, or
even spells or charms. With a spell or a psychic push, the person feels like they're being pushed into thinking or doing
something, because that's essentially what you're doing. You're using magic or psychic energy to give that person a push.
Yet, with sexual energy, the person is pulled or "compelled" to think or do something. They can resist if they want to, but
because of the intimate and inviting feeling of sexual energy, they rarely do. Instead, they are eager to comply, and do
anything else to feel the warm embrace of that energy. I've watched grown men become puppies after feeling my
energy -- literally curling up at my feet and attending to my every whim -- and I never had to say a word to them.
Of course, moderation is key when it comes to sexual energy. It can be just as pleasurable as sex, and just as "addictive"
to some. Use it too much on one particular person, and you may not be able to get rid of them. I'll leave it to your
discretion, but don't say I didn't warn you.
Influencing someone with sexual energy starts with establishing an energetic connection with your target. I don't mean
getting up close and personal with them. It can be done through conversation, a casual touch or even eye contact. The
purpose of energetically connecting with the person is to create an avenue for your sexual energy to travel to them. This
is where the process closely resembles seduction in the mundane sense.
One way that I establish an energetic connection with someone that I want to influence is to focus on their crown chakra. I
visualize the person's crown chakra (sometimes without even looking at them or being in the same room) as a funnel of
white light that's ready to pour things into the person's head. I then lengthen the top of the funnel and connect it with my
own, my visualization of my crown chakra.
You can visualize the chakra however you like. What's important is being able to connect your own chakra with that of
your target. You can use the image of a string or chain if you like, or even a pipe. Whatever works for you.
Once you have your connection in place, now you send your sexual energy to the target person. I do this by visualizing
the light of my sacral chakra traveling up my body and out through my crown chakra, into the connection with my target.
It helps if this energy is warm and inviting (no one likes a cold fish). Start with simply sending your energy to them,
without any directives. This is basically a way to prime your target with your energy. Essentially, you're lighting the spark
for their arousal.
Now, at this point, you're probably wondering, "What if the person isn't sexually attracted to me?" Guess what. It
doesn't really matter. Here's why: You're not trying to have sex with the person. You don't even have to be sexually
attracted to them. That's how using your sexual energy is different from mundane seduction: your sexual energy is
derived from your own arousal, not being aroused by someone else. This is how you can generate an infinite amount of
sexual energy, and channel it whenever you want.
This is also why it doesn't matter if the person is sexually attracted to you. By using pure sexual energy instead of relying
on mental or psychic pushes to persuade the person, you're tapping into something primal and instinctual. You're not
appealing to the person's senses, but their basic energy. And since energy is Universal, no matter what the person
actually likes on an individual level, sexual energy works with everyone.

Think about it this way: How is it that you can find multiple people attractive, when they look nothing alike and have
completely different personalities? That's because the attraction is happening at a level that supersedes your mental and
physical turn-ons. That person is tapping into your sexual energy, your primal urges and instincts. There's a lot of truth to
the saying "Beauty is only skin-deep."
So now you've turned yourself on by tapping your sexual energy, made an energetic connection with your target, and
you've fed them some of your sexual energy, straight from your sacral chakra. Now comes the part where you start to
influence the person. This step adds to the feeding of your sexual energy with some clear intentions.
As you continue to feed sexual energy through your energetic connection, have your energy make a pit stop at your
throat chakra. This is your self-expression center, where the ability to voice your truths and desires resides. It's here that
you'll express your intent for your target. Start with small requests, like "Look this way," or "Scratch your head," and feel
the vibration of your sexual energy in your throat, as if you were actually saying the words out loud.
Once you feel those vibrations strongly and attach that expression to your sexual energy, send it up to your third eye.
This is the center of your psychic energy, where you channel your intuition and second sight. This is also a great chakra for
visualization. As your sexual energy pauses here, take a moment to "see" your target carrying out your request. Visualize
it in your head and let the vibrations of that vision resonate with your sexual energy.
Finally, as your sexual energy reaches your crown chakra, take a second to affirm the knowledge that your target will
carry out your request. Really know it in your mind. Then send your sexual energy through the energetic connection and
into your target. If you can do it without staring at the person, visualize the energy travelling through them and being
absorbed into their own sacral chakra. Then watch their reactions to see just how much you've affected them.
A good way to practice this kind of influence is to start with someone you know. Maybe your best friend or a classmate.
Or your crush, if you have one. If it helps, start out by touching the person you're targeting to strengthen your energetic
connection. As you become more confident in your power, make stronger or more elaborate requests. Continue building
as far as you see fit.
Just don't blame me if you end up with someone wrapped around your leg, refusing to let go until you let them love you.
(It's happened to me. It's not as fun as you think it is.)

Mass Seduction -- A New Way to "Work" a Room

If you want, you can also use your sexual energy to affect an entire group, or even a whole room full of people. It's all
about projecting your energy through your own aura, and touching the aura of others.
Start by connecting with your sexual energy and strengthening your sacral chakra. Use your arousal to turn yourself on,
and let it emanate outward. As you feel the energy rise, let it spread out and push it through your own aura. Visualize
yourself surrounded by the light of your sexual energy.
Then, when you feel completely enveloped by your sexual energy, push it out towards others. You can visualize it as
spreading light, or as tendrils to connect with specific targets. Use your mind's eye and your will to control the reach of
your energy, and spread it as far as you like. Once you have spread it to the distance of your choosing, continue to build

the energy and let it pulse out through you and into the air. Feel it washing over yourself and those that you're touching
with your sexual energy.
If you want to take it a step further, you can even use this technique to cycle energy, or simply siphon it if you're feeling a
bit cheeky. Just as you are expanding your sexual energy, you can use the connection to draw out energy from others.
Just be careful not to take on too much, because it can get overwhelming. So unless you want to have an orgy on your
hands, practice moderation when you're cycling sexual energy through others.

Universal Manifestation
So now that we've used our sexual energy to influence people, it's time to use it to influence events, and manifest
desires. The process is pretty much the same. Only now, instead of a person, the target for your sexual energy is the
While I don't work with any particular deities, I would personally advise against making any of them a target. From what
I've learned, deities can be a bit touchy when they feel they're being bossed around or commanded to do something.
Trying to influence them, even with sexual energy, could cause more problems than it's worth. Especially if you're dealing
with a deity who isn't particularly known for their patience.
When it comes to the Universe on the other hand, using your sexual energy is essentially the same as expressing
creativity. Sexual energy and creative energy go hand in hand when it comes to the Universe. After all, we create life
through sex. So when it comes to creating and manifesting, using your sexual energy is as potent as it gets.
You'll start the process in the same way as influencing a person, by tapping into and building up your sexual energy. As
you get turned on, start visualizing the result that you want to create in your life. Let it become part of your "fantasy" in
your mind as your energy builds. Feel the same way you would feel once your request has been granted. Let them sink in
and become a part of your physical body. Laugh, smile, giggle, cry tears of joy -- let the feelings manifest in your body.
This will add extra "juice" to your request. If what you're going for isn't particularly tangible or something that you can
see, simply go with the feelings that you would feel once you receive your desire.
When you have a clear vision of the results you want, and you're really feeling those feelings, allow your sexual energy
to travel through your chakras. As you come to each chakra, add to the power that's been generated by pulling energy
from that chakra.
I do this by using the key phrase of each chakra to affirm my desired results. So for example, if my request is to gain
more money, I let my sexual energy flow through each chakra, and draw more energy into it by bringing each chakra in
on the action. For the sacral chakra, I mentally affirm that "I can have more money." For the heart chakra, "I love that I
have more money." For the throat chakra, " It is my truth that I have more money." For the third eye, "I see that I have
more money." And for the crown, "I know that I have more money."
As the sexual energy passes through each chakra on it's way up, use the key phrases to reinforce the inevitable granting
of your wish. Here are the key phrases that I use for each chakra:

Root: I AM
Sacral: I WANT
Solar Plexus: I CAN/DO

Throat: I SPEAK ( I use "It is my truth" since that's the energy of the chakra)
Third Eye: I SEE
Crown: I KNOW

Feel free to change those phrases to suit your needs or to make sense for your particular request. These are simply my
examples for bringing more energy into your request.
Once your sexual energy has moved through your chakras and has made it to the crown chakra, you are ready to release
it. Visualize a beam of light being shot from the top of your head directly to the Universe. If it helps, send it to a particular
planet, or the Sun for added heat. Or, if you're like me, simply imagine the light beam of your sexual energy and request
rocketing to the Universe and exploding like fireworks. See the energy dispersing through the cosmos, and know that
the Universe is now working to fulfill your request.
After you send off your request, keep the feelings of your results with you. Whenever you think of your request, pause
and recall those feelings and let them resonate throughout your entire being. Affirm mentally and emotionally that your
request has already been approved and fulfilled. Then go on with your day.

Now It's Your Turn

Well, there you have it. That's how I use sexual energy to influence people and events, and create magic in my life. You
don't have to be having sex or use a sexual act to tap into your sexual energy. It's simply a higher aspect of seduction and
attraction, using your innate power.
Feel free to put your own spin on these ideas. Mold them to fit your particular preferences and practices. Just believe in
yourself and your power. You have an infinite abundance of sexual energy, which you can use to create magic everyday,
in every aspect of your life.

About the Author

My name is Adana Washington. Im a pantheist energy witch who specializes in sexual energy. Im also a tarot reader and
creator of the Kundalini Tarot and Adana Arcanum Tarot decks, as well as the crafter of Sigil Mugs. You can find me at or at