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In this poem , contained in songs of experience, William blake wants to describe the negative aspects of

industrial revolution in England . in particular he is in London , at midnight and he is wandering in London

streets that are described as chartered streets, he also uses chartered to describe the thames , he
wants to describe that now everything is used only for commercial and industrial business. During his
wandering he uses two senses, sight and hearing, in fact he sees and hears the peoples suffering because
of industrial revolution, he sees marks of weakness and marks of woe, he hears cry of people , particullary
soldiers and prostitutes, and children , in particular he uses many times every meaning that weakness
and sorrow are for all, theres no escape . he uses a great metaphor: mind forgd manacles to describe
that theres no liberty for people that are locked in this new condition of suffering, with chains not physical
but mental created by people themselves. Now he criticizes three important institutions: church, palace,
marriage . the first critic to the church is about its position regarding the work houses , place where poor
people could stay and eat in exchange of work , blake criticizes this because he thinks that church have to
give free houses for poor people, not in exchange for work, in particular he nominates the chimney-
sweeper to represent this category ; he critics the palace, the politic institution of England, because of the
soldiers life, their fate is to die in unnecessary wars only to the interests of powerful people ; he critics the
marriage because its seen no as an union of two lovers but only a duty to do only for personal business.