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More often than not, college and education is more than just a personal goal.

students go to college simply because they have dreams and others go to provide better for
their family. Both categories have outside opinions and eyes watching and judging their
progression. There is also the student who's grades determine the continuance of scholarship
advancement. So many factors weighing in on one person and the desire to excel and receive
everyone's approval alone will push a student to breaking points.
In this case study Kayla had been studying diligently and feels it may not be enough. She
has worried so much it has affected her health. It was reported in 19997 that college students
with poor health was increasing and the main reason has to do with stress. High levels of stress
and many hospital visits among college students are increasing. case studies were done to
factor into why and how students health was decreasing while anxiety and stress was
decreasing. Kayla is just another victim of many that are just trying to achieve a higher
education. The process of getting there just involves lots of work, studying, tests, research and
little time to complete it all.
On a personal note, I am a bit different. I can start my paper at the last minute and
research and have enough time I like to think that I work much better under pressure, but that
may not be the case for all of us since we all learn and perform differently. I have a friend much
like Kayla who passed out. she got so worked up and worried that her body and level of stress
caused her to no longer be able to interact. her doctor recommended a "brain break', two days
relaxation and no studying or worrying about school. My friend hung out with friends and even
went to the beach, gave her mind a chance to revamp. She stated she felt much better and
even more relaxed going into her test the next day.
There are a few things that can be done to prevent such occurrences like Kayla or my
friend from happening. Some actions to reduce anxiety and help increase optimism would be to
increase time management and increase leisure activities in between test and studying.
students also can determine what exactly is causing the stress. Is it because you dont have
enough time? Or is it because you dont know enough? find the cause and solve it. Make time
for studying, cancel a few things. Get a tutor or even buddy up for knowledge check.

In Kayla's situation, I would not seek professional help just yet. I would try all options to
decrease my anxiety and stress. I would also go into each semester knowing what to expect.
Each class rubric states when tests and finals are. I would just prepare my life events and time
and schedule in these dates on my calendar. Thats the way I prepare myself now before my
class starts, it tends to help me be at ease more when the time does come simply because I was
expecting it already.

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