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Totally Free Booklet on How to Create

Your Own Cheap Scalar Wave

Healing Device that Among ther
Things, Rejuvenates You and
Improves your Sex Drive
The Arcturian Ace
This book is R-Rated
1st Scribd Edition
Warning: There is no guarantee
that these home-made
devices are perfectly safe for you
because I have no control
over what you maniacs reading
this will do with this information.


Not Your Standard Disclaimer

Disclaimer--nothing herein have been approved much less examined by the FDA,
and I am not suggesting that the Scalar Healing Devices that you build following these
directions should be used without first getting advice from your doctor or medical
professional. Scalar Waves should be used to as a enhancer and a supplement for
regular treatment, not a substitute, you idiot.
Case in point: Even after recalling the knowledge that the Arcturians imbedded
in me before I was even born on this planet about how to make my own cheap, home-
made Scalar Wave emitting device which I am now going to share with you, you lucky
dog you, I still had to go to the emergency room recently because of an acute asthma
attack (I'm 68 years young and have suffered from asthma, off and on, all my life with
life-threatening asthma attacks about once every five years so I was due for this one.) The
only difference is when I went to a follow-up visit with my regular pulmonologist after I
was discharged she prescribed a long list of medication for me to take as needed but I
found that I needed none of them.
Thanks to Scalar Waves from my home-made device that I had exposed myself to
every night, my asthma was totally gone -- no wheezing, no phlegm, no nothing. So all
those newly purchased medication including pills, a nebulizer, and an aerosol delivery
system are sitting in my medicine cabinet unused simply because the Scalar Waves
caused the most rapid and complete recovery from asthma I have ever experienced in my
My point is, if I had arrogantly refused to go to the doctor like a Christian
Scientist, feeling that Scalar Waves alone would heal me, I would be, in all likelihood,

dead by now. I don't want any dead readers out there, so don't get cocky after you build
your own Scalar Healing Device or SHD and go off using high voltages and frequencies
over 100,000 Hertz and extended periods of time, etc. There are so many ways you
can hurt yourself with the misuse of Scalar Waves that if you're not sure, don't
make a Scalar Device and leave this booklet for those who can handle this
information with respect because Nikola Tesla who first wrote about Scalar
Waves noted that they could also be used as very powerful weapons.

This Material is Being Given to You Free
What is the Catch?

As we enter exciting times when the spiritual frequency of this planet is increasing
at an unprecedented pace, many people are now taking drugs, committing suicide,
killing each other, and even jaywalking! At the same time, many gifted individuals
are being downloaded astounding new healing methods from God based on the power of
1) Human Intention and 2) Sound Waves to change our very DNA.
These gifted people are first given horrendous diseases that test them as they find
the way to first heal themselves, and they learn amazing things during their self-healing
process and then go out to heal as well as teach others how to heal. . Although what they
teach seem radically different, the underlying truth is that DNA is pliable, not set in stone,
and can be manipulated by thought (will) and sound. These healers, many of them
without even a medical background, (I am one of them and was a civil service library
worker for more than thirty years until I retired) are now healing and teaching other
healers to do the same.
I will now give you only three out of many examples of these new wounded
healers, and keep in mind that I will be the fourth example and I will teach you how to
make an Arcturian device that will help you with any ailment, spiritual, psychological and
physical with the condition that you do not forsake professional medical treatment.
Alex Loyd, whose wife suffered from terrible lifelong depression, was bestowed

the Healing Code that is basically the most powerful prayer in the world, even more
powerful than the Ho'oponopono prayer taught to me by the late Hawaiian kahuna,
Morrnah Simeona, some twenty years ago. He gives away this prayer in his book
The Healing Code , on page 221, and also has diagrams of how to place your hands
during this prayer. He has a website, where you can
pay $200.00 for four coaching sessions by his healers.
Vianna Stribal had leg bone cancer and the doctors wanted to amputate, but God
gave her the basics of Theta Healing, and she experienced tremendous pain before she
finally healed herself with Theta Healing and now has written half a dozen books on the
subject and teaches the technique in workshops around the world. Her workshops and
books are listed at but it is the worst website of the three
healers listed because clicking on anything takes forever, but this could be only
temporary or they have so many customers that you have to visit this site late
at night or something. One good book to begin with for Theta Healing is
is Theta Healing Introducing an Extraordinary Energy-Healing Modality.
Of all three healers listed (I'm the fourth healer), Vianna Stribal has written
the most books and has the slowest web page, but that could only be temporary.
Sol Luckman, suffering from terrible life-threatening allergies that made him
unable to eat almost anything edible, was given, in a revelation on a beach in South
America. God bestowed some ancient vowel sounds based on the Solfeggio music scale
to both Luckman and his wife, Leigh. He describes these powerful vowels in two books:
Conscious Healing, Book 1 of the Regenetics Method, and Potentiate your DNA: a
Practical Guide to Healing & Transformation with the Regenetics Method. He
makes the point that vaccination has harmed the DNA of thousands of people and
caused them to develop life-threatening allergies. (And don't forget the thousands of
Japanese affected by radiation in Japan when their atomic power plant in Fukushima had
a breakdown.) He and his wife, Leigh, trained healers with this sacred vowels
technique who offfer distant healing at his website, at
$175.00 for a basic half hour distant healing. It takes four such sessions (the fourth and
last healing costs slightly more) to do a complete DNA healing.

Now we come to the fourth healer who has no published books at the moment, but
that's going to change soon as my first novel, The Sex Changers of Tedawnis , is being
edited this very moment. What you are reading now is my first nonfiction book, Totally
Free Booklet on How to Create Your Own Cheap Scalar Wave Healing Device
that Among ther Things, Rejuvenates You and Improves your Sex Drive (Wow!)
Scalar Healing is an Arcturian technology and I was actually visited by two Arcturians
when I was four years old. I didn't know who they were at the time because of the veil of
forgetfulness and thought that they were ghosts because I could see furniture right
through their shimmering bodies. They scared the crap out of me and the hairs on my
head stood on end and I recall screaming my head off as my mother and elder sister who
was five years old couldn't see them at all were laughing with amusement assuming
that I was having a nightmare while awake.
I sensed the Arcturians the second time when I was ten years old and was about to
experience the most traumatic period of my life when my mother was about to scold me
harshly non-stop for seven months for getting into a fight at school, something that was
almost inevitable because I started school at ten years old, having been home-schooled for
ten years because I was severely asthmatic. But my mother couldn't see that and just
thought I had gotten into a fight and had to have my mouth stitched just to irritate her.
All my spirit guides were there with the Arcturians on my left, and they asked
me using telepathy because I heard the question in my mind, "You have a choice now--
we can make you instantly retarded and that would shield you from the trauma that
is to come, and it will also be a way to get back at your mother for what she is about to do
to you, but this retardation will be irreversible and you will die when you are twenty-one!
The other way was for me to remain as I was an to take the trauma. I chose
that path, obviously, because I'm 68 years old now, and hopefully not retarded, but let me
tell you that being scolded day and night for seven months, night and day, being
constantly cross-examined how the fight started and being given homilies and advice
about how to avoid fights in the future remains the most traumatic event in my sixty-eight
years. I know now that my late mother (she died some years back) was sick and must
have considered that my body was part of her body, and she went bananas when she

discovered that I could go off and do things on my own, like getting punched in the
mouth and sewed up in the emergency room.
Anyway, the Arcturian knowledge about how to create simple Scalar Healing
Devices at home was hidden away in my mind until it was awakened when I saw
an ad in the paper in March of 2012 advertising a free seminar where a new thing called a
Scalar Wave Machine would be aimed at the audience while Doctor S., a local doctor,
elucidated on this wonderful new technology as he introduced the beautiful inventor
at his side. I entered the small auditorium packed with about fifty people and
immediately saw what looked like four computers complete with monitors, one
perched on a recess in the center of each of the four walls of the square room.
The computers were all obviously on, and a pleasant throbbing sound emitted from them.
Later, as I did research I recognized that throbbing sound as the Schumann
frequency of 7.83 Hertz, that is the natural sound of the earth when there are no
electromagnetic waves around, an impossibility in this modern civilization. Note that
even if there were no electromagnetic interference, 7.83 Hertz is below the human
listening limit, but in the past our ancestors could still feel it and were comforted by it.
Vianna Stribal writes on her web site at that being exposed to the
Schumann frequency is one way to get back our ten strands of phantom DNA to add to
our present two strands of physical DNA. We originally had ten strands of DNA but
were messed with.
Doctor S. spoke at length about the Scalar Healing Device that the
beautiful lady inventor standing at his side, beautiful and poised as a fashion model, had
invented, going into detail about how he had used her machine on a young girl who had
been having grand mal seizures every fifteen minutes which meant that her parents could
have no rest at all. He exposed her to Scalar Waves from the machine for three months
at the state's university medical school with no improvements, but on the fourth month,
she started to have less seizures so at the time of this lecture she was down to one or two
grand mal seizures a month and consequently didn't have to take as much medication that
meant two things: She needed less medication and would have less side effects from the
drugs prescribed for her condition. Doctor S. also mentioned that one could even

take less recreational drugs when exposed to Scalar Waves in order to get the same
effects of taking more of such drugs.
At this point I would like to say that although I am going to teach you how
to create your own cheap but effective home-made Scalar Healing Device or SHD,
if I catch any of my readers using recreational drugs with or without Scalar Waves I'll
slap them silly. If they're beautiful women I'll throw them over my knee and spank the
daylights out of them. At the same time, I realize that the reason so many people are
taking recreational drugs are: 1) December 12 is approaching and we sense a
major shift coming that frightens us at a subconscious level and 2) All the
electromagnetic static surrounding us from all the instruments of a modern
civilization are wreaking havoc on our nervous systems. Fortunately, one thing
the Scalar Waves accomplish that can be tested directly using an EMF meter that
detects electromagnetic forces, is to neutralize any such force within (in the case
of my homemade device) twelve feet of the SHD when it is on, and even some
minutes after that.
I know because I purchased a $35.00 EMF Detector at
A cheap way to find out if you are actually producing Scalar Waves is you should
have less than normal static in your radios or electronic devices because Scalar Waves
normally supress ubiquitous electromagnetic fields.
At the ending part of his one-hour lecture, Doctor S. said that he would
charge us only $50.00 an hour to sit in the auditorium during the day (this lecture
was being held at night) and be exposed to the Scalar Wave machines. He added that
that price was the cheapest in the world as the beautiful lady inventor had sold her
machine to spas all over the United States that sold time in front of the device at much
higher prices. I knew even then that even $50.00 an hour was too much for me because
with $50.00 I could purchase at least sixteen comic books, and I realized that I already
knew how to make my own Scalar Healing Device, and when I returned to my apartment,
I built one and used it that very night. Obviously, when the Arcturians planned my
birth as a human being in this lifetime, they knew what kind of technological devices
like CD players and elctricity would be available to me in this life.

Let me inform you that I am a master dowser and wrote the book Best Dowsing
Primer in the World that I will sell at Amazon for $299.00 after I finish editing it, and
I dowsed the effectiveness of my home-made SHD at 60% compared to the machines
in Doctor S's office that cost close to $50,000.00. Later, when I went to three different
psychics, they verified this 60% effectiveness saying that my homemade machines
eclipsed cheaper Scalar Healing Devices sold on the internet for less than a thousand
. This was on March 22, 2012, and today is July 30 2012, so it's been about four
months and now that I know that no harm has come to me by being exposed nightly to
Scalar Waves, it's time to share it freely with you, you lucky reader you! Let me tell
you what has happened to me after exposing myself to homemade Scalar Healing Waves:
1) I always feel an energy pickup when I expose myself to Scalar Waves. 2) When I'm
sleeping with my SHD turned on, I can sense entities that I feel are Arcturians, working
on me. This is not all the time, but when I'm in the twilight between deep sleep and
wakefulness. I psychically feel that the Arcturians will help anybody using Scalar Waves,
not only myself just because I'm an Arcturian. 3) The arthritis pain in my left leg
disappeared completely. 4) When I look in the mirror, I feel younger, but I realize that I
could be fooling myself so in future rewrites of this free book that you're reading now, I'll
let you know if other people have commented on how young I look without any coaching
on my part.
I am NOT going around asking people I know, "Notice I'm looking younger
Most people would say "Yes," just to be polite.
Now, let me tell you how I plan to disseminate this totally free book on how
to make your own scalar wave devices that are about 60% as good as the best such
device in the market. Note that Scalar Waves was "discovered" by Nikola Tesla
in the last century because the Arcturians were contacting him and he says as much
in his writings, and all the Scalar Healing Devices (SHD) that you see selling
on the internet (including the one in Dr. S's office) are merely different ways
to produce Scalar Waves, but the principle remains the same, and the beautiful

lady inventor was kind enough to point them out during this lecture:
Traditionally, devices that produce scalar waves have a Mobius Coil, a
thin wire wrapped around a central coil that is usually a long crystal or a bottle
of water, a low-voltage power source that also produces a frequency, and a couple
of speakers deliberately connected out of sync with each other. The victim, I
mean the patient, places himself or herself between these speakers, so of course,
the volume shouldn't be turned up too high or it'll hurt his or her ears.
I personally, and don't forget that I'm an Arcturian, so you're getting this straight
from the horse's mouth, so to speak because Arcturians are master of the Scalar Devices,
feel that the two unsynchronized speakers are nice to have but unnecessary because the
Mobius Coil alone is good enough to create the Scalar Waves. There are Scalar watches
being sold under the brand name Tesla Watches that make the wearer less prone to
anxiety, and I doubt that there are a couple of speakers imbedded in them. Dr. S.
mentioned a Stanford University Medical Center study conducted by Glenn Rein that is
on the internet titled: "Effect of Non-Hertzian Scalar Waves on the Immune System."
I looked it up on the Internet (Ain't the Internet wonderful?) and it's on, but if you're lousy at typing, you can
Google the title given one paragraph earlier. Pay attention. I read the article,
and it's written in English I can barely understand, so if I can't understand it
you won't have an inkling what it's saying so I'll translate for you. First, some basic
knowledge from Wikipedia: Lymphocytes are a type of white blood cell that are also
called "Killer Cells" because they seek out and destroy any cells in the body that are
unnaturally altered by viral infection -- they are our first line of defense when we're
infected (The famous T Cells that AIDS can circumvent are one type of Killer Cell.)
According to Dr. Rein, laboratory tests exposing lymphocytes to Tesla Watches indicate
that the Scalar Waves produced by those watches increase lymphocyte activity. In a
nutshell, our natural immune system is reinforced when exposed to Scalar Waves.
In another study by the same Doctor Rein at the same Stanford University
Medical School titled "Biological Interactions with Scalar Energy Cellular Mechanism of
Action," Dr. Rein verified that exposure to Scalar Waves increased the production of

nonadrenaline in nerve cells taken from a rat that are similar to nerve cells in humans.
Rein reports in this study that "Depression is associated with decreased nonadrenaline
levels." In a nutshell, increased noandrenaline levels caused by exposure to Scalar Waves
can theoretically alleviate depression.
Please note that the two studies by Dr. Rein are laboratory studies made on
live cells in Petri dishes. They didn't test it on actual animals or humans, but the
implications for human beings exposed to Scalar Fields are enormous. I myself,
never get depressed or if I do I don't know it, so I can't add the ease of depression
to how Scalar Waves have helped me, but I'm sure other improvements will occur
over time that I shall report in subsequent rewrites of this book that you are reading
Quickly now -- what is the title of the book that you are reading?
See! Caught you! It's: Totally Free Booklet on How to Create your Cheap Own
Scalar Wave Healing Device that Among Things, Rejuvenates you and Improves your
Sex Life. Wow!
But to be perfectly honest, I had to look up the title myself, and I'm the author
of this damn thing!
After the seminar in March, I sent an email to the beautiful lady inventor asking
her if her machine could cure my son's schizophrenia (I had asked her that at the lecture
but she had hedged ), and an email to Dr. S. asking him if he ever written up the case
about the girl with the grand mal seizures that had been helped so much and got royally
snubbed by both of them although Dr. S. had responded to another earlier email asking
him if he went to the same elementary school I went to when I was ten years old. If they
had replied this booklet would never have been written because I would then not have
want ed my homemade Scalar Devices to compete with either the inventor's sophisticated
machine or Dr. S's selling of time in front of the same machine at his office.
Just by coincidence, on Monday, July 30, as I finish up this book for publication
starting on, a local weekly newspaper has an article on Doctor S. stating that
the current health system encourages taking prescription drugs to heal a person's

symptoms rather than to heal the disease itself. Despite the fact that he snubbed my email
asking for more information about the girl he treated with Scalar Waves (I was particulary
interested if the coming of her menarche might have also been a factor in her miraculous
recovery where she gets only one or two grand mal seizures a month instead of the former
every fifteen minutes), and despite my putting out this booklet that might cut into his
sales of time in front of the machine or sales of the machine itself by the lady inventor, I
can not argue with him on that point, that current medical science is influenced by
big medicine and the last thing Big Medicine want is for people to actually get cured. Of
course, he doesn't express it that baldly, but I feel this is the gist of his article in this
local weekly.
I did have a mild criticism about one of the three DNA healers whom I
mentioned earlier in this book, but because that person very promptly and politely
responded to two of my emails (and was very compassionate to boot) I decided to
withhold that public criticism. Instead, I'll tell it to this person to this person's face (using
email) and I'll also email this booklet to this person as well. I don't plan to email this
booklet to those two people who snubbed my emailed questions. If this booklet ever gets
in the hands of that beautiful inventor lady or Doctor S., this is what happens
when you snub the emails of people attending your seminars. The beautiful lady
inventor should have responded to my question about her invention -- it wasn't as though
I was asking her out on a date or anything like that. I usually do that on the second email.
So you readers learn from the mistakes of these two otherwise gifted individuals,
the beautiful lady inventor and Dr. S. NEVER SNUB EMAILS FROM YOUR LOYAL
CLIENTS! . By the way, my email address is, and I want you
readers to share your experiences, good and bad, with the homemade SHD that you make
following my directions. I should warn you, though, that because I'm busy writing four
books simultaneously, I NEVER respond to any email anytime! In other words, it's bad
for people to snub my emails but I snub everybody's emails. The reason I want
your experiences, good or bad, with the homemade Scalar Healing Devices that
you learn how to make in this booklet is I plan to keep adding them to my
$1.00 booklet selling on Kindle (I'm charging for it because it has the optional

dowsing manual in it that sells alone for $299.00 on Amazon Kindle. ) I'll keep
raising that dollar price as I add more pages and I envision a time when almost
every disease will be listed in alphabetical order in that expanded book.
Because I want to learn more about the girl with the grand mal seizures, and
Doctor S. royally snubbed me, I contacted the dean of the university medical school
where Dr. S. conducted his experiment with the beautiful lady inventor's Scalar Wave
generator, and got snubbed by him as well. My next step is to have my state senator help
me invoke the Freedom of Information Act as well as to contact the president of the state
university where I live as well as the accrediting institution that grants this particular
medical school its accreditation and I'll keep my readers posted on whether the dean of
the medical school funded by my tax money replies with more details about the girl with
the grand mal seizures in subsequent rewrites of this free booklet.
Every time I rewrite this free booklet I'll submit it to a different free ebook
submission site, and I'll give you this list at the very end of this book so that you
can keep up with me. Usually, I'll add the re-writes at the end of this booklet so
you don't have to read the entire thing to see what new information has been added.
Keep track of the total page numbers so you can gauge how much has been added
since the last time you downloaded this free ebooklet.
On July 14, 2012, a couple of weeks ago as I write this booklet whose
title both you and I have undoubtedly forgotten again, I got an emailed flyer inviting
me to another lecture at the same place where I was first exposed to Scalar Waves
in this particular lifetime, and found this sentence: "Users (of this Scalar Healing Device)
have experienced miraculous results with Diabetes, Strokes, Cancer, Autism and
Infertility through improving physical, mental and emotional balance, health and
I can personally attest to the "Infertility" part because at age sixty-eight
I thought that my lovemaking days were over, but after four months of being
exposed nightly to Scalar Waves from my homemade SHD while I sleep (I use 528
Hertz, the DNA healing frequency that is my favorite) , I got the lead back in my pencil
again. There's only one problem -- I tend to make a lot of noise during lovemaking and

my neighbors seem to resent it mainly because they know that I'm divorced and live alone.
Women are really intuitive about these things because I ride the bus mainly because
I don't drive, and more women then ever give me the eye on the bus now, and
previous go-thither looks have been transformed to come-hither looks.
I now love riding the bus!
Getting back to Scalar Healing, I believe that Scalar Waves from any decently
manufactured or homemade SHD can help with almost any disease, but at the same time
you have to be careful not to overdo three things: 1) Voltage -- no more than 12 volts. 9
volts is optimal because keep in mind that Scalar Waves is low voltage technology.
When you use overly high voltages you are creating scalar weapons and that is not
advisable. Also, you don't want to break FCC rules about creating unnecessary static
around your living area that inconveniences your neighbors watching the Playboy
Channel. 2) Frequency -- avoid anything past 100,000 Hertz if possible, but if you must
go higher, limit the duration accordingly. Higher frequencies can be dangerous. 3) Don't
use Scalar Waves just after you eat or while you're eating or you'll choke to death, and
start off slowly with durations of ten minutes and then gradually build yourself up to a
whole night no matter what frequency you're using.
If you live where there are a lot of harmful electromagnetic waves surrounding
you, and there is no such thing as good emf (electromagnetic forces,) you should keep
the SHD on all the time. It's cheap enough when you make your own so make two of
them so that you won't burn them out. The reason the speakers might burn out is
speakers are not made to play the same frequency all day long, and basically that is what
you are doing with the CD's that I am going to teach you how to make in just a few more
paragraphs. . However, with low voltage, this should not be
too big a problem. All my speakers are doing fine and I've been using homemade
Scalar Waves for four months now, testing them on myself to make sure I don't
kill you readers.
When I first made my own SHD (Scalar Healing Device, Stupid) I thought
I would use high voltage so cure myself quickly and developed hives. Even Scalar
Waves at low voltage used to irritate me until I got used to it and at first I could use it

only for ten minutes at a time, but I gradually got to like it and now can't live without it.
It's something like sex. The first thing I do when I come home from my part-time job
washing dishes at a local restaurant is I turn on my SHD and bask in the waves that
replenish my energy within a few minutes. I never had insomnia, but I imagine
the SHD can cure insomnia as well because I sleep better while being exposed
to the Scalar Waves.
Do NOT expose bedridden or people who can't move, or babies to Scalar
Healing Devices of any kind, the kind you purchase ready made or the kind you
make yourself following the directions of this book whose title I forget. Because
if the person can't say, "Shut the damned thing off!" and can't do it himself you'll
find a dead body or baby in the morning. So use your common sense, you jerk.
Important Note: I'm trying to set a unique style of writing, my writing brand, so to speak,
so people can recognize my writing even without looking at the title page. I try to be
clear, irreverent, humorous, and insulting to the readers. If this unique writing style
offends you -- like I care?
So beginning with and ending with are listed at
the end of this book. I am not going to download this totally free booklet on all 21 free
websites (free meaning it's free to download ebooklets to it and from it) at one time, but
will do it one by one as I add and re-write this little how-to booklet so that every
time I download it to the next website on the list it will hopefully be an improvement. It
will definitely have more pages in the latest incarnation because I rarely delete passages
in my writing although. Just keep in mind that these free booklets will never have
information on dowsing -- you'll have to purchase the Kindle version of the same
title that will have every word in the latest free booklet as well as a short complete
booklet on how to dowse where I write out the method taught to me from three
master dowsers.
As I am a constant re-writer, it would be interesting for you to keep following me
on these sites to see what the latest booklet looks like as additional knowledge will be
shared following what the Bible says about "Freely given, freely give." That takes care of
that, but how do I make money so I can pay off my $20,000.00 debt incurred when I take

my son riding on a taxi to give his mother who has custody over him a rest as it's not easy
caretaking a grown schizophrenic. (I don't drive, as I mentioned earlier.)
I'm selling this same booklet that you now have in your hot little hands on
Amazon for a dollar each with an additional part that this booklet lacks. (Gasp!). The
$299.00 Best Manual on Dowsing that I mentioned earlier will be included in that Scalar
book titled: How to Create Your Own Scalar Healing Device that Among Other Things,
Rejuvenates You and Improves your Sex Drive with a Full Section on How to Obtain the
Frequencies That Will Be the Most Appropriate to Load on your Home-made Scalar
Healing Devices using Dowsing Methods Taught to Me by Three Grand Masters of the
Art of Dowsing. This Dowsing Manual , normally sells for $299.00 on Amazon but is
Included Uncut in this book so buy it now, you Moron, for only $1.00!
Yep. That's the title of this book!
Don't look for either book on Amazon yet because I haven't submitted them to
Amazon yet because I have written them but not edited them. The $299.00 dowsing
book (with no mention of Scalar Waves) put out for sale on Amazon Kindle is just so
that people will be happy purchasing my DIY Scalar Healing Book with the dowsing
information for a dollar-- I don't expect anyone to really purchase a $299.00 Kindle book
so it's more like an advertising gimmick. Also, I have my first novel, The Sex Changers
of Tedawnis, coming out sometime this year (I've been having a little trouble with editing
it) so that should make me some extra money and help pay off my debts, and I'll advertise
that novel on all of my SHD booklets. I'll also direct them to my Paypal Donation
button at and who knows? Some rich person might be so happy about
what the home-made Scalar Healing Device did for him that he might donate me the
entire $20,000.00!
But don't worry, although this totally free booklet does explain or teach dowsing
basics that are important if you want to dowse the appropriate frequency to help heal your
particular ailment, you don't absolutely need it when you use Scalar Healing Devices and
there are many people who wouldn't read the dowsing section in the dollar Kindle book
that does include it because they're not that interested in dowsing or have much
confidence that they can do it although anybody can dowse. Royal Rife, some half a

century ago (and some other scientific researches ) categorized all the frequencies that
you will need to use for almost any disease on the home made Scalar Healing Devices
that I'm going to teach you in a minute (Don't be so impatient!) so you don't really need to
know how to dowse the appropriate frequency, but I prefer the dowsing method myself
because I can zero in on the best frequency and not depend on a general Rife list of
frequencies that may or not work on me.
I warn you again that Scalar Waves should not be a substitute for professional
medical treatment, but can be used simply an adjunct. But I'm withholding dowsing
knowledge from you in this free book that you're reading because I'm greedy too and am
hoping that some of you reading this free booklet will go out and purchase the one dollar
expanded version of this booklet that does address dowsing in detail. One note: If you
do donate using the Paypal Button at, make sure that you use the SHD
that you make following my instructions for at least a couple of months so that you know
that the donation you make is worth that generous amount, as I give no donation refunds.
One good rule of thumb is to always donate half of what you feel like donating so that
you will have no regrets. Of course, if the regret is that you didn't donate enough, you can
always donate more, but there is no way to undo a donation. Now that I've finished this
over-long discussion, let's make a Scalar Healing Device using cheap parts found around
your house!

Finally, the Nitty-Gritty, How to Create Your Own
Scalar Healing Device
Finally! After 16 Pages of Preliminary Material!

Scalar Waves were first "discovered" by Nikola Tesla in the last century who had
been receiving help from Arcturians, and can be used to both heal and to destroy.
Therefore, I must warn you not to be overly creative and attempt to create these home-
made devices that I will be teaching you how to make by using voltages higher than 9 or
12 volts and frequencies higher than 100,000 Hertz or you could do great harm to

yourself and others. (Not to mention breaking FCC rules about causing electronic static,
but that's relatively minor compared to killing people by mistake, especially yourself.)
Please note that the beautiful inventor lady that invented the Scalar Healing
Devices that were being aimed at the audience of Doctor S's seminar that I attended in
March 21, 2012, did not invent Scalar Healing Waves, just her particular machine that
produces Scalar Waves, and there are quite a lot of such machines being sold on the
internet market, but not quite as sophisticated and advanced and high-priced. I
consider her machine that was demonstrated at the seminar to be state-of-the-art,
but I feel that the cheap devices you use will be at least half as effective, and if
anybody who manufactures Scalar Healing Devices want to sue me for writing
this booklet they have the burden of proof that the Scalar Healing Devices you
make using this booklet are absolutely worthless or can not produce authentic
Scalar Waves.
I have ascertained by both dowsing (I've been taught dowsing techniques by
masters) and by going to three separate psychics and it is unanimous that the Scalar
Waves that you produce using the SHD following the directions in this booklet is
at least half as powerful as anything on the market today. Actually, it's higher
that 50% but I thought I would err on the safe side. On the other hand, the
effectiveness of the homemade Scalar Healing Device is never higher than
75% of the manufactured devices unless some of you astute readers can think
of some way to improve on what I'm teaching you in a moment. But no,
raising the voltage is NOT an option! Can't you remember anything? High
voltages are dangerous when you produce Scalar Waves!
Go sit in a corner or something.
If some of you readers already have purchased a ready-made device off the
internet that produces Healing Scalar Waves, why don't you see how they stand up against
the home-made devices and drop me a line at Then I can
publicize your findings in future sequels of my booklets. Don't forget to tell me
which version of the Scalar Wave producer that you are comparing my homemade
devices to. Don't include Scalar Wave Producing Pendants or whatnot -- they're

negligible compared to what follows. Stick to the electronic Scalar Wave producing
devices currently being marketed that you can find by Googling "Scalar Healing
Every manufacturer of this device extols the wonderful things that Scalar
Waves can do for your health, and you can email me at
which wonderful thing happened to you.
For myself, It is July 28, 2012 as I write this and four months have already gone
by since I made my first homemade device so I can say with reasonable certainty that 1)
Scalar Waves, even home-made Scalar Waves, will make you more energetic and
youthful and get the lead back in your pencil if you're a male 2) Used with discretion, they
shouldn't hurt you, but because everybody is build differently, I suggest you start with low
duration of exposure to Scalar Waves from your homemade devices and to never go over
9 - 12 volts. (I can't tell you this enough.) What you will need are: 1) A bottle of water or
a long crystal 2) Twenty feet of thin stereo wire, the type used to connect speakers to
stereo systems (You can also dowse the length if you know how to dowse.) 3) A
computer and an ordinary CD player. 4) an ordinary pair of cheap earphones that have ear
buds (those are the cheapest kind) or regulation earphones at the end.
Let me list these ingredients:
1) Long crystal or a bottle of water
2) About twenty feet of thin stereo wire, single strand or multiple stranded.
3) Computer
4) Ordinary CD player with a hole for earphones. (I use the word "Hole"
in place of "Jack" because "Jack" can also mean that long metal thing looking like
a miniature metal penis that (dare I write it?) usually stuck into this hole in order
to deactivate the internal speaker of the CD player so that the only sound you hear
will be from the earphone buds.
5) Either a cheap earphone or those cheap devices sold at Radio Shack that
are basically jacks attached to two separate leads or wires.
6) Wire connectors, also purchased from Radio Shack, that looks like thimbles
with springs in them. You connect wires by sticking their ends into these "thimbles"

and twist. Always purchase the smallest ones that are usually grey-colored, and if
you go to a hardware store you can get them cheaply in bulk.
7) Blank CD's and some program on your computer that can record sounds
taken off the internet as well as record them to the blank CD.
8) On the computer, either download a free audio recording software like
Audacity or purchase one like Hi-Q Recorder, less than $20.00 for a lifetime.
I prefer the Hi-Q Recorder because it's simplicity itself, but Audacity has sound
editing capabilities. I use ITunes to create my CD's from frequencies created by
internet frequency generators.
9) Frequency generator software that you can download free from the
internet when you Google "Free frequency generator." You can also purchase
such frequency generator programs or even purchase sophisticated electronic
frequency generators from electronic stores, but why? The one I use is
free and is called "Tone Generator." I have downloaded it so all I have to do is click on it
to activate it and specify which frequency I want. You have to understand that the human
ear can only catch sounds in the frequency range of 20 to 20,000 Hertz. (This means that
the all-important Schumann Frequency of 6.83 Hertz that has a rejuvenating effect on
you would be inaudible to your ears unless you're Superman.) However, I note that
all the frequency generators I find on the internet uses a carrier so that even sounds
that are lower than 20 Hertz or higher than 20,000 Hertz can be heard otherwise
users will be bombarding these companies that their free software is broken.
Most people do not have long crystals handy unless you're lucky enough to live in
Arizona, so start off with a bottle of water and wrap the wire around it in a Mobius Coil
going counter-clockwise (looking down from the top of the bottle as a reference point.) I
feel that it is impossible to teach this by using words, so this is where you need to go to
your computer and go to and put in "Mobius Coil." The nice man there on
Mobius Coil, Crystal Orgone Orgonite will give you an excellent tutorial of how to wind
a Mobius Coil around a crystal, but you may use a bottle of water. Orgonite, for your
information, is a mixture of crystal and metallic pieces formed into a metal cylinder

by using epoxy, but I won't say much about orgonite because no two orgonite cores will
be the same. This booklet is restricted to only water and crystal cores for the all-
important Mobius Coil.
Note that the first place I am submitting this free booklet to is Scribd, and there is
also a written article on how to wind a Mobius coil on Scribd that I will not repeat here
even though the author kindly gives permission to reproduce it. I really feel that it's not
possible to learn how to wind a Mobius Coil from a book -- you need a movie, and
YouTube provides the movie.
This nice man on YouTube (whose name I don't know) starts off by using a power
drill to make the wire less amenable to kinking, but I have never had to do this. What I
do is grab the wire (I feel that stereo speaker wires are the best but have even used the
long telephone wires that connect the phone to the wall jack) and wrap it up to a decent
length and merely twist them using both hands and I've never had trouble with kinks. No
one has ever accused me of being kinky anyway. Not yet, anyway.
The difference between Scalar Healing Devices (SHD) using bottled water and
crystal cores is that water will pull negativity out of you and crystals will put positive
energy into you, so it's better to use water cores before crystal cores but never both
together at the same time. Moreover, never connect crystals and water bottles together.
It's nice to be creative, but you're playing with dynamite here so be warned. It's easier to
wrap the Mobius Coil around the bottles when they're first emptied of water, but always
makes sure that you refill them before turning the power on or you will feel totally
debilitated by the unfocused Scalar Waves. I know because I tried just for fun. It wasn't
fun. Note: It is reported on the internet that winding the Mobius Coil counter-clockwise
when you are looking down at the bottle from the top gives your SHD an added power to
repel demons.
Nice to know.
When you are done, you will have two end leads of the wire sticking out of the
bottle. Take the cheap earphone and cut off both ear buds. Many times you will have
earphones with damaged ear buds so you can use those, but there are earphones that cost
only a couple of dollars at Long's Drugs. Connect each of the two leads from the Mobius

Coil wrapped around your bottled water core to the ends of the earphone where the ear
buds used to be. Solder is better, but if you don't know how to solder, use those little
cone connectors sold at Radio Shack that are basically plastic thimbles with metal spring
cores that will twist wire ends together. Speaking of Radio Shack, they also sell audio
jacks that have a couple of bare wires already sticking out that you can connect to the
ends of the wire coming from the Mobius Coil wrapped around the bottle, but I prefer
using the earphones with the ear buds lopped off.
Now you are ready to plug the Mobius Coil into the earphone jack of the CD
player, but you need a CD to provide some frequency. This is the beauty of my method,
or this method that the Arcturians gave me -- you can use any frequency you desire, and
the Rife Researchers have already figured out which frequency is best to treat which
disease, but my all-time favorite frequency is 528 Hertz that is the frequency that will
restore your DNA when it gets hurt by radiation, vaccination, or some other means.
The beauty of this setup is that earphone wires and voltages
are usually small otherwise the sound would deafen their users, and
Scalar Healing Devices are basically low voltage instruments. When you see ads for Rife
devices the various companies selling them use high voltage as a selling point, and maybe
it is for Rife devices, but the same Rife frequencies can be used to produce Scalar Healing
Rays by running them through a Mobius Coiled bottle of water or crystal to better healing
The Rife people won't be happy with what I just said, but it's a matter of time
before they jump on the Scalar bandwagon and start to incorporate Scalar Waves
into their Rife machines without giving me any credit. If they do do that, the first
thing they must do is lower the voltage and high voltage and Scalar Waves do not mix.
Many of the cheaper Scalar Healing Devices that are sold on the internet do not
have such versatile frequency changing capabilities and are usually limited to the
Schumann Frequency of 7.86 Hertz, or 12.0 Hertz that is the frequency of the Amazon
forest. The Schumann Frequency is the natural frequency of the earth that we can hardly
sense now because of electromagnetic fields caused by modern communication. It's
supposed to be inaudible anyway, but even if it were, it's overwhelmed by

electromagnetic waveforms that are also inaudible but have harmful effects on us. One of
the best thing about Scalar Waves is that electromagnetic waves can not exist anywhere
where Scalar Waves are being generated.
By the way, it's good to be able to listen to the CD just to fortify the fact that they
are being fed to you through the Scalar Waves, and in order to listen to the CD because
the earphone jack is activated so that the CD's internal speaker is neutralized (not
working), you have to add an external mini speaker in series to your set up. Do not
connect this extra mini-speaker in parallel because if you did the electrons will choose to
go in the Mobius coil because there's no resistance there and skip the additional speaker
entirely. Why mini-speaker? You shouldn't have much voltage going through an
earphone jack because the whole point is not to deafen the earphone user.
Another way to decide which frequency to use for your healing purpose is by
dowsing it, but you have to purchase my one dollar book on Amazon to learn how to
dowse. Don't buy the $299.00 booklet titled "Best Book on Dowsing", Stupid. That's
just a marketing ploy because the exact same stuff is in the book selling on Amazon
KIndle for only a dollar titled: How to Create Your Own Scalar Healing Device that
Among Other Things, Rejuvenates You and Improve your Sex Drive with a Full Section
on How to Obtain the Frequencies That Will Be the Most Appropriate to Load on your
Home-made Scalar Healing Devices using Dowsing Methods Taught to Me by Three
Grand Masters of the Art of Dowsing. This Dowsing Book, normally selling for $299.00,
is Included Uncut in this book so buy it now, you Moron, for only $1.00!
I never get tired of saying this -- that really is the title!
You get your frequencies to record on your CD's by Googling "Free Frequency
Generators" on the internet. Some like "Tone Generator" are absolutely free, and some
others are limited-time samples. Some samples are hard to get rid off even using your
Control Panel so remember which company produces then and avoid free samples from
that company in the future.
I create my CD's using the results from my Hi-Q Recorder that I put into
ITunes, which is another free download, and you don't have to have a Mac to use ITunes
as many people assume. I have to say that I have never had trouble creating CD's that

will actually work in any CD player while using ITunes. I can't say the same for
professional software like Roxio, but that could be only my experience.
Scalar Waves will be produced whether you can hear the frequencies or not. You
can tell if Scalar Waves are being produced by two things: 1) You feel more energy in
your body -- Scalar Waves are a great rejuvenator and 2) If you purchase a device that
measures electromagnetic fields that are all too common in our modern society, you can
see that Scalar Waves have the power to completely neutralize those electromagnetic
waves. I purchased a Cell Sensor EMF Detection Meter from Amazon at less than thirty
dollars, and the interesting thing, is the Scalar Waves emitted from my homemade
devices will dampen (get rid of) electromagnetic frequencies bombarding my apartment
in the heart of Honolulu long after the devices are turned off!
For people living in a place that is being bombarded by electromagnetic waves, I
suggest that you leave the SHD on day and night, perhaps using two in tandem to give the
other a rest. Another plus to using low voltages is you are less prone to hurt yourself and
also less prone to break FCC laws by creating static for people around you listening to
the radio or watching the Playboy station on TV. However, if you are treating an elderly
person or someone bedridden in a coma, or a child or infant, never leave them alone with
the Scalar Healing Device for long periods of time because sometimes they irritate
even me, and it is possible to irritate your loved ones to death with the best of intentions.
If your infant is ailing, don't leave any Scalar Healing Device, ready-made or
home-made on by the baby for long periods of time or you'll have a dead baby on your
hands. I'm not kidding, you jerk so let this paragraph sink in.
What frequency to use on your first CDs? I already mentioned the 6.83 Hertz
that is the Schumann Frequency, the natural sound of the earth that your DNA has
been used to for thousands of years of human life on earth, and 6.83 Hertz is what
most commercial SHD uses. Note that my homemade device allows total flexibility
in selecting whatever frequency you desire because the frequency is not hard-wired
but set by whatever CD you use. You can even use music CDs, and I find the
Beatles have a very calming effect when converted to Scalar Waves, but avoid
dangerous music like Heavy Metal. Another popular frequency used in commercial

SHD is 12.0, the natural frequency of the Amazon forest.
I particularly like 528 Hertz that is the one best frequency to heal DNA.
This should be useful to all those poor Japanese suffering from radiation damage
in Fukushima, and Doctor S. mentioned in his lecture (I taped his lecture with
a solid state recording device) that children are particularly vulnerable to radiation
because their DNA is still forming. If you are good in Japanese, please translate
the how-to portion of this book and send to the post office box found at my
It takes time to adjust to being exposed to Scalar Waves and it took me weeks
before I could leave it on all night. I didn't see any discernible changes on my face when
I had the device on only a couple of hours a night when I slept, but now that I'm used to it
I have it on all night long as I sleep and I feel and look more youthful and more attractive
women give me the eye on the bus. (The ugly ones always gave me the eye but they don't
When I first developed this Do-It-Yourself Healing Device as channeled to me by
the Arcturians, I wanted to heal my asthma quickly (I happened to be having an asthma
attack at the time) so connected the wires from the Mobius Coil to not a CD player but
my television set that has higher voltage and not only did my asthma get worse, but I
developed a bad case of hives. You can tell you are over-doing the voltage when you feel
your muscles twitching uncontrollably, which it was in this case. This is why I say never
go over 9 volts, but if you must, 12 volts is the absolute maximum. Also avoid going
over 100,000 Hertz because high frequencies can be dangerous if prolonged although
short exposure times, about five to ten minutes, might be all right. This is where dowsing
might be helpful, but go by your instinct and common sense. Any time you feel badly,
turn off the damn device.
Andrew Schwarm sells a Power Wand at his website that is
basically a Scalar Healing Device because it is a long crystal wrapped with thin wires to
form a Mobius Coil that is encased in a brass container. And rather than a CD player to
provide voltage and frequency, he uses a zapper that was modified by Douglas Croft that
uses a frequency of 15 Hertz using a 9 volt battery that lasts for months. Another

interesting thing (a crucial thing, actually) about the Scalar Field that is created by any
SHD is that your wishes are more apt to materialize when you're in it, so it's a good idea
to make your prayers when you have the SHD turned on.
According to Andy Schwarm's one-page PDF directions on using his Power Wand
(You can download it at you can make an unlimited number of wishes
with the Power Wand switched on. I figured out the reason your prayers are more likely
to materialize when you are in a Scalar Field is because we are all energy, and we all have
millions of Scalar Fields generated by our DNA that are microscopic Mobius Coils so
that God actually created us so that our thoughts would materialize, but we forgot how to
do it. I believe that God himself uses Scalar Energy to create the universe.
The Scalar Healing Devices, not only the ones I am teaching you how to make,
but the devices on the market, some selling for almost $50,000.00 (that's a lot of comic
books!) all have the potential to make your dreams come true, and we'll close this short
instructional essay on that thought. Note that Andy Schwarms Power Wand (as all real
Scalar Healing Devices, ) is a device that is like a magic wand, making your strongest
wishes materialize, and the fact that he has been in this business for years selling these
wands is one indication that these scalar devices actually work.
I had instinctively known that human DNA were capable of producing miniature
scalar waves so was tickled when I found Dr. Stephen Linsteadt on the internet who goes
into detail about how to reactivate this God-given power. So I actually emailed Stephen
Linsteadt, the author of The Heart of Health: The Principles of Physical Health and
Vitality.Stephen's new book, Scalar Heart Connection,will be available soon (at and This book describes the CD titled
Quantum Healing Codes
, which includes the tone 528 cps sung by the human voice.
Stephen teaches the Scalar Heart Connection
? workshop on how to utilize the heart's
scalar energy to change negative belief patterns into positive life-enhancing resonances.
This process also utilizes the frequency 528 Hertz and others to help people tap into their
heart's innate wisdom. The CD is called Quantum Healing Codes
and is available at
Please remember that 528 Hertz frequency as it is basic. This frequency heals your

DNA, returning it to how it was before it got bent out of shape, usually by either exposure
to radiation or vaccines. I personally plan to get both this book (there is an older version
of the book that doesn't go as deeply into Scalar Waves) and the CD and the wonderful
thing about the SHD that I have just taught you how to create on your own is that you can
put any CD into it and the sounds and vibrations of the CD's will go directly into your
very heart and marrow carried by the Scalar Waves so using inspirational and healing
sounds and CD's with my devices will open up a new frontier of healing.
In rewrites of this booklet that will go on the other article submission sites listed
at the end of this book, I'll suggest other sounds to put on your CD's that you can then put
into your homemade Scalar Healing Devices. Just be selective which CD's you use,
because if you use negative sounds, heavy metal, etc., you can do great harm to
yourself. Always be aware that these Scalar Healing devices, home-made or purchased
from manufacturers, are double-edged swords that can both help heal and kill.
I have a degree in Library Science and worked at the reference desk of a library in
my state for more than thirty years, and I have to say that when I go to the internet, I can
see more and more knowledge about Scalar Healing coming out, with people like Doctor
Stephen Lindsteadt in the forefront.
I have a Master's in Library Science, but just as I was graduating from Library
School at my state university around 1970, I criticized a university librarian whom I
thought was grouchy and found out that her father was dying of cancer so had good
reason to seem grouchy. I decided then that I had disqualified myself from becoming a
full-fledged librarian and made so many enemies in administration (easy to do when you
have my personality that is irritating to begin with) that I was a library technician all my
life before I got retarded at age sixty-five.
But enough about me, here in Honolulu, we have a brave pioneering doctor,
Doctor S. who has used the Close to $50,000.00 deluxe Scalar Healing device invented
by the beautiful inventor lady help improve people suffering from all kinds of medical
problems. According to the latest email ad from the beautiful inventor's website,
the Close to $50,000.00 device (which I think also has flexible frequency changing
capabilities because I think I saw a CD or DVD player on the computer that is part of her

invention) has improved people suffering from Diabetes, Strokes, Cancer, Autism,
Inferitility, and mental and emotional balance.
I would email her asking for more information about how those diseases
were treated -- did Doctor S. conduct those experiments? But I never set myself up
for having my emails snubbed twice by the same person.
Actually, I feel energy coursing through my body every time I turn my homemade
machine on and I also purchased a Power Wand from Andy Schwarm some ten years ago
and I don't feel any different with his device and my own home-made ones. They both
feel good.
Note: I'm sending this booklet to the dean of the medical school as he has snubbed
my polite inquiries regarding the girl with the grand mal seizures. One would think that
such an important case -- reducing grand mal seizures from once every quarter of an hour
to once or twice a month would be written up somewhere for the good of mankind so that
other doctors could read it and perhaps use Scalar Healing Devices on their own.
I am not contacting Doctor S. any more because he not only snubbed my last
email to him, but I sense a karmic antipathy between us. Although I'm an Arcturian in
human form for this lifetime, I've been born as a human before, and in medieval Japan I
was an expert swordsman, Sasaki Kojiro , and Doctor S. was Miyamoto Musashi.
Musashi caved in my skull at Gangryu-Jima in 1612 Therefore, Dr. S. and I are not going
to be buddy-buddy in this lifetime. Interestingly, I have Sasaki Kojiro in my first novel
(still being edited) in the form of Iskander of the House of Khoury, a Pleadian. Of course,
Sasaki Kojiro is a reincarnation of this Pleidian.
It's interesting how the original historical Sasaki Kojiro had three defining traits:
He was a consummate martial artist (swordsman), deadly handsome, and a known
sadomasochist who used beautiful women as toys. So two out of three traits passing on
to myself in this lifetime is par for the course. (Don't ask!) My reincarnation for Kojiro
has been verified by three professional psychics, by the way.
My final two thoughts are: 1) I commend Doctor S. for having the courage to
investigate Scalar Healing that will be the next big thing in medical science -- I envision a
time when there will be a professional (not only my home-made version) of Scalar

Healing Devices in every home as ubiquitous as the telephone. 2) You can make portable
SHDs using your ipods or other similar solid-state recording devices hooked up to a small
crystal or water-filled bottle. I plan to make one myself one of these days as every day
when I return from my part-time job washing dishes at a restaurant (to supplement my
Sociable Security and meager retirement checks) I need to turn on my home-made Scalar
Healing Device to get my energy back as I'm 68 years young, but if I have a portable
device, I'll never run out of energy.
Scalar Healing Devices are great rejuvenators and as I mentioned, they brought
the pencil lead back in my pencil, but now that Im dangerous again, I have to be careful
about making love in my apartment because I do make a lot of noise while doing it and
my neighbors don't like it mainly because they know I live alone now after my divorce.
This is a good a place to end this book as any, and I'll report in my success in
creating a portable SHD in the next edition of this free book to come out on Here is the list I promised you earlier of all the places I am
going to submit this totally free booklet on how to make your own Scalar Healing
1. - PR 8 (This is the one you're looking at now.)
2. PR 7
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21. - PR 5

Don't bother going to Amazon looking for the version that includes Dowsing for a
dollar and the Dowsing Only manual selling at $299.00 because I haven't edited them
yet much less submitted them to Amazon. Eventually I will.

One last note: The book titled: How to Create Your Own Scalar Healing Device that
Among Other Things, Rejuvenates You and Improve your Sex Drive with a Full Section
on How to Obtain the Frequencies That Will Be the Most Appropriate to Load on your
Home-made Scalar Healing Devices using Dowsing Methods Taught to Me by Three
Grand Masters of the Art of Dowsing. This Dowsing Book, normally selling for $299.00,
is Included Uncut in this book so buy it now, you Moron, for only $1.00
Won't remain a dollar forever because I plan to add pages of my readers' experiences,
good or bad, with the SHD emailed to me at and expand it
arranged by the name of the disease cured or alleviated or helped or even worsened so
that if I jack up the price of this book $1.00 for every ten pages added from the collected
emails, in a year or so the book might be $10.00 or even more. Ten years from now it
might be the most expensive book on Amazon Kindle and have hundreds of pages, but it
will be worth it and I'll be out of debt and rich as a pig. (I like pigs.)
But I know there's a lot of rascals out there (like myself) so please don't email me
stuff like: It's a miracle! After exposing myself to the Scalar Waves for a couple of
months using the home-made device that I made following your clear directions, my penis
increased two-fold in both length and girth. The miracle part is I'm a woman!
I'll be able to easily spot email of fakes like this because

I'm psychic! When in doubt, I could also dowse to see if an incoming email is legitimate
or not so you don't waste my time. If you can't donate money for this free booklet, please
send comic books to my PO Box in I like the old type comic books
like "Porky Pig" "Bugs Bunny" and "Peter Porkchops." "Fox and the Crow" and "Dodo
and the Frog" are also good. Beggars can't be choosers -- send me any comic except love
I would much prefer a monetary donation, tho, if I could have my druthers, but
free is free on the cover and you don't actually owe me nuthin'.
I would like to end this booklet with a word of caution. You could, once you
master how to make a Scalar Healing Device, teach others how to make their own or
make it for them for money, but because Doctor S. mentioned in his one lecture I attended
that people would be using less drugs, both medical and recreational, because of Scalar
Waves, you might eventually become the target for both the drug companies and the drug
syndicates and there might come a time in places such as Mexico when drug dealer hit
squads massacres any family where there is a Mobius Coil in the home because think
about it -- Phenobarbital, commonly used for Grand Mal Seizures, currently costs abaout
$20.00 for 100 grams. Think about how much money the producer of this drug loses
because the child Doctor S. treated no longer has seizures every fifteen minutes. You
think the drug company that produces Phenobarbital is going to be happy for the child as
it sees its sinking profits?
This is precisely why Royal Rife, who found a treatment for cancer some half a
century ago, was institutionalized and killed! Filthy lucre is terrible. And the Mexican
and other illegal drug companies are even more fearsome, so if you get a side job creating
Scalar Healing Devices or teaching how to make them, you have been warned that some
day you might get killed. I am hoping that if every family in the world owns a Scalar
Healing Device the Mexican Mafia can't kill everybody because they'll lose their
customer base. This is why I want you, the reader, to email this booklet to every person in
your email address book! By the way, I do NOT approve of any recreational drug use
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Arcturian Ace.

Monday, July 30, 2012

More Stuff because I cant shut up!
That beautiful inventor lady that was at Doctor Ss lecture back in March 22, 2012
mentioned that you need two crucial things to create Scalar Waves, Mobius Coils
wrapped around a crystal, and a couple of speakers connected out of sync with each other.
The part about the speakers means that normally people connect speakers in series with
the wires from the CD player or whatever going to the positive and negative terminal of
the first speaker, and two more wires go from those same positive and negative terminals
of the first speaker to the positive and negative terminals of the second speaker. The wire
to the positive terminal is usually colored red, and the wire to the negative terminal
is usually colored black. Usually stereo black and red wires are bonded together side-by
side like Siamese twins because it's less messier that way. You only need to separate
them at their ends to make your connections.
This second pair of stereo wires (the same kind of wires I recommend to use to
wrap your Mobius Coils) are usually long enough so that the person using the stereo
system can sit between the speakers and listen to stereophonic sounds, some going into
one speaker only so that the sounds are realistic. Now, when producing scalar waves,
you connect the wire from the positive wire of the first speaker to the negative terminal
of the second speaker and the wire from the negative terminal of the first speaker to the
....can you guess? the positive terminal of the second speaker. Congratulations. Youre not as dumb as
you look! (Nobody could be that dumb! ) What this does is make the sound waves
coming from both speakers cancel each other out. You wont get total silence, but the
sound will be considerably diminished. The Scalar Waves from this unsynchronized
speaker setup is twice as powerful as the Scalar Waves produced from using a single
speaker connected in series so that you could listen to your Scalar Frequency for two
reasons 1) Reassurance and 2) Volume control that enables you to maintain voltage
monitoring to make sure you're not overdoing the voltage and killing yourself in the
process. How do I get "Twice as powerful?" From my two psychics and my dowsing.

So you dont really need a second speaker unless you want to make
it all kosher or as complete as possible. Note that they now sell Scalar Watches and a
Doctor Rein has even done a study on how Scalar Watches actually can make the wearer
theoretically less dependent on tranquilizers. How would you place two speakers out of
sync in a wristwatch? I dont really feel that the a pair of unsynchronized speakers is an
absolute necessity.
I contacted Andy Schwarm who had sold me a Power Wand some ten years back
and he informed me that that is a genuine Scalar Wave producing machine and it is
not connected to any speakers but has a Don Croft zapper with a 9 volt batter hooked
up to the two ends of wires leading from the brass-case enclosed crystal. What I did
to modify it was to remove the Don Croft zapper and attach the leads to the two ends
of a earphone with the ear buds removed and then stick the audio jack into the earphone
input hole (Our language uses the word "jack" for the plug and for the hole so it's so
confusing, but at the same time, suing "input hole," sounds so lascivious, or is it only
me?) When you do things like this make sure you cut the leads of the Power Wand in
such a way that you can undo what you did, always leaving yourself enough wire to
work with. The older power wands have the crystals stuck into their brass casings with
epoxy so if you run out of wires you're out of luck. I believe the newer Power Wands
have removable crystals so you can always wrap new wires around it using the
Mobius Coil directions on YouTube.
Finally (and I mean it this time) are there any Japanese natives reading this book?
I want this booklet translated into good Japanese so that I can send it to the Japanese
government. The Japanese owns more stereos than anybody else in the world (I just
made that fact up) and they need this knowledge, especially the one about the 528 Hertz
frequency to restore radiation-damaged DNA yesterday, and the sooner they can get this
booklet into their hands the better. I have a bachelor's in Japanese, but I'm not
good enough to translate this booklet into readable and understandable Japanese.
Goodbye, and God bless you and I hope the information in this booklet
downloaded to me by the Arcturians acting under God's guidance, will be helpful
to mankind. The greatest psychic in the world who I went to said that most people

will not believe in the Scalar Healing Device but will gradually come around when
they see the unmistakable improvements in body, mind and spirit.
I could hope for nothing more. Selah.

Arcturian Ace. Monday, July 30, 2012.
Here is the cover for the Japanese translation that some kind reader of this booklet
will make for me and I can send it to Japan to help those poor radiation victims in

Arcturian Ace