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3181427 Hpux User Guide

3181427 Hpux User Guide

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Published by: babu_mdp1 on Dec 16, 2009
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Suppose you want to print a large file at night when system usage is low.
The following at command sequence prints the file “bigfile” at 4:00 AM.

at 4am (Type the at command)

lp bigfile (Enter the command you want to schedule for later.)

Ctrl-D (End the command by pressing Ctrl-D.)

You can also specify a date. For example, to print a message on April 10,
at 3:30 AM, use the following commands:

at 3:30am Apr 10

echo “time to go home” > /dev/console


To list jobs scheduled with at, enter:

at -l

You will see output such as:

job 8745156.a at wed Sep 17 11:00:00 1997

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