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3181427 Hpux User Guide

3181427 Hpux User Guide

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Published by: babu_mdp1 on Dec 16, 2009
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To customize vi, you can set (or unset) any of several options. When you
enter vi, options are assigned certain default values.

When exiting vi, all options return to the default, so you will need to
reset your options each time you enter vi. See the next section for how to
make your options permanent.

To see all your default options, type:

:set allEnter

To change these values, use the :set command:


whereoption is the name of the editor option you want to use (see the
following table for descriptions of some of these options).

To unset (discontinue) an editor option, type no before the option:

:set nooptionEnter


Chapter 4

Using the vi Editor

Using Options to Change Your vi Environment

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