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1. - Now, doctor, isnt is true that when a person dies in his sleep,
he doesnt know about it until the next morning?
2. - he !oungest son, the twent!-!ear old, how old is he?
". - #ere !ou present when !our picture was taken?
$. - %& 'octor, be(ore !ou per(ormed the autops!, did !ou check (or
a pulse?)
*& No.
%& 'id !ou check (or blood pressure?
*& No.
%& 'id !ou check (or breathing?
*& No.
%& +,, then it is possible that the patient was ali-e when !ou began
the autops!?
*& No.
%& .ow can !ou be so sure, doctor?
*& /ecause his brain was sitting on m! desk in a 0ar.
%& /ut could the patient ha-e still been ali-e ne-ertheless?
*& 1ts possible that he could ha-e been ali-e and practising law
2. - #as it !ou or !ou !ounger brother who was killed in the war?
3. - 'id he kill !ou?
4. - .ow (ar apart were the -ehicles at the time o( the collision?
5. - 6ou were there until the time !ou le(t, is that true?
7. - .ow man! times ha-e !ou committed suicide?
18. - %& 6ou said the stairs went down to the basement?
*& 6es.
%& *nd these stairs, did the! go up also?
11. - %& 9r., !ou went to a rather elaborate hone!moon, didnt !ou?
*& 1 went to :urope, sir.
%& *nd !ou took !our new wi(e?
12. - %& .ow was !our (irst marriage terminated?
*& /! death.
%& *nd b! whos death was it terminated?
1". - %&;an !ou describe the indi-idual?
*& .e was about medium height and had a beard.
%& #as this a male, or a (emale?
1$. - %&1s !our appearance here this morning pursuant to a
deposition notice which 1 sent to !our attorne!?
*& No, this is how 1 dress when 1 go to work.
12. - %&'octor, how man! autopsies ha-e !ou per(ormed on dead
*& *ll m! autopsies are per(ormed on dead people.
13. - %&*ll !our responses must be oral, ok? #hat school did !ou
go to?
*& ,ral.
14. - %&'o !ou recall the time !ou examined the bod!?
*& he autops! started around 5&"8 p.m.
%& *nd 9r. <ones was dead at the time?
*& No, he was sitting on the table wondering wh! 1 was doing an
15. - %& *re !ou =uali(ied to gi-e a urine sample?
*& 1 ha-e been since earl! childhood.