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Rellena con: have, has, is, are o can:

Jim got black hair and brown eyes. He twenty-two.

He a student. He swim and play tennis.
Jenny and Rosa got brown eyes and blonde hair. They
Twelve. They pupils. They sing and dance.
Rellena con: he, she, it or they:
John: Horses:
Table: Sam and am:
!oys: "nn:
Rellena con can o can#t y el verbo apropiado:
Julie $nadar%
but she $tirarse de cabe&a%.
She $saltar%
but she $escalar%.
She $cocinar%
but she $bailar%.
She $montar a caballo%
but she $conducir%
Have you got a (acket)
Has she got a blouse)
Have you got scar*)
Has he got (eans)
Have they got a helmet)
Has he got slipers)
Have you got an orange dress)
Have you got a brown belt)
Has she got a (umper)
Have you got a tie)
Have they got shorts)
Have you got a T-shirt)