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Lesson Six: Jirrbal, Rainforest Dreamtime

Stories Fishing Story About Us

Estimated Timing

60 minutes
Lesson Objectives

Australian Curriculum:

English / Year 6 / Literature / Examining literature /
Content Description:
Identify, describe, and discuss similarities and differences
between texts, including those by the same author or
illustrator, and evaluate characteristics that define an authors
individual style.
exploring two or more texts by the same author, drawing out
the similarities, for example subject or theme,
characterisation, text structure, plot development, tone,
vocabulary, sense of voice, narrative point of view, favoured
grammatical structures and visual techniques in sophisticated
picture books
English / Year 6 / Literacy / Interpreting, analysing,
evaluating / ACELY1801
Content Description:
Analyse strategies authors use to influence readers
identify how authors use language to position the reader and
give reasons

Humanities and Social Sciences / History / Year 6 /
Historical Knowledge and Understanding / Australia as a
nation / ACHHK116
Content Description:
The contribution of individuals and groups, including
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and migrants, to
the development of Australian society, for example in areas
such as the economy, education, science, the arts, sport.
considering notable individuals in Australian public life across
a range of fields (for example the arts, science, sport,
education), including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
people, a range of cultural and social groups, and women and
men drawn from the Australian Living Treasures list or from
the Australian Dictionary of Biography)


Use text-processing strategies
when viewing and reading,
connecting to prior knowledge
about the author and specific
learning area content
questioning, crosschecking and
reviewing texts to identify point
of view
using literal and inferred
information to draw conclusions
about significant concepts,
arguments or descriptions (VR6

Use interaction and communication
skills to contribute to informal
debates and discussions by:
interrogating and analysing ideas
evaluating information and
comparing solutions
repairing breakdowns in
offering explanations and
describing processes (LS6 v)

Identify the purpose, content,
context, text structure and writer
reader relationships when writing
and creating learning area texts
(WC6 i)

Whole class, teacher led
Individual work

Resources 27 x Culture Journal (Blank, lined workbooks)
28 x Jirrbal, Rainforest Dreamtime Stories (27 student copies, 1
teacher copy)
Cardboard pieces for word wall

Learning Experiences
1. Begin lesson by acknowledging traditional owners of the land.
2. Discuss text Jirrbal, Rainforest Dreamtime Stories (Barlow, 2012).
What text did we examine last lesson?
What phenomena was the text attempting to explain?
What strategies did the author use to maintain reader interest?
3. Read third and final dreamtime story of the book, Fishing Story About Us.
4. Revisit text structures. Identify features of a narrative e.g. orientation, complication, resolution.
5. Examine what strategies the author used to gain readers interest.
6. Add to word wall based on words from the text. Teacher to write words selected by class onto
separate pieces of cardboard. Discuss meaning and origin of these words.
7. In a group discussion, discuss meaning of text. Determine why the author wrote the text.
Identifying the important message/s or theme/s in the extract.
What can we learn from this?
What lessons might Dreamtime stories teach us about?
What might they teach us about creation?
8. Students to record personal reflection the questions in their Culture Journal.