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The Hadiths in Imam Tabaris books
I recall hearing from scholars to beware of man of the narrations found in the !istor "#aareekh$ of
al-#abari as man of them are weak.
!owe%er& I wanted to ask if he was more stringent in his selection of !adiths in his #afseer than in his
#aareekh' If so& did he specificall sa that he will onl use a certain grade of narrations or on the other
hand did later scholars sa anthing about his selection of narrations in his #afseer'

#he #afsir of Imam Ibn )arir #abari "rahimahullah$ is considered among the popular sources for #afsir
based on traditions "#afsir bir *iwaah$
Imam (bu !amid (l-Isfaraini "rahimahullah$ said:
+If someone had to tra%el all the wa to ,hina for this book& it would be worth his while.
"-afahat min sabril +.lama& pg.29/$
I ha%en0t seen an such distinction made between his 2 books specificall.
!owe%er& +(llamah Ibn #amiah "rahimahullah$ has mentioned that Ibn )arir0s "rahimahullah$ #afsir
is among the the more reliable ones.
"1a2mu0 3atawa Ibn #amiah& %ol.43 pg.356-355$

(s a general rule& if the author of an book hasn0t undertaken to ensure that all the !adiths contained
therein will be authentic "sahih$& then that particular book is prone to ha%e all tpes of !adiths7
authentic as well as unauthentic.
8ne commonl encounters weak narrations in the books of histor as well as tafsir.

(nd (llah #a0ala 9nows best&

(nswered b: 1oulana 1uhammad (basoomar