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lessons are covered in a class connects-Monday
and Wednesday 9:00-9:45am)
Teacher Graded
20-Aug W
***First Day of School*** All
School Assembly 10am
21-Aug Th Complete i-Ready Assessment
22-Aug F Meet your Science Teacher 12pm
***Begin Unit 1 Coursework in OLS***
25-Aug M 1: Introduction to Physical Science
26-Aug T 2: Laboratory: Measured Steps
27-Aug W 3: Physical Systems
28-Aug Th
29-Aug F
1-Sep M No School (Labor Day)
2-Sep T
3-Sep W 4: Fundamental Quantities and Measurement
4-Sep Th 5: Working with Model Problems
5-Sep F 6: Model Problems
8-Sep M 7: Laboratory: Separating Ingredients
9-Sep T
10-Sep W 8: Properties of Matter
11-Sep Th 9: Your Choice
12-Sep F
15-Sep M 10: Classification of Matter
16-Sep T
17-Sep W 11: Solids, Liquids, and Gases
18-Sep Th 12: Model Problems
19-Sep F
22-Sep M 13: Physical and Chemical Changes
23-Sep T
24-Sep W 14: Mixtures and Solutions
25-Sep Th
15: Structure of an Atom (We will cover this in a
class connect next week)
26-Sep F
29-Sep M 15: Structure of an Atom
30-Sep T 16: Model Problems
1-Oct W 18: Unit Review
2-Oct Th 19: Unit Assessment
3-Oct F
***Unit 2: Chemistry***
6-Oct M 1: Laboratory: Chemical Reactions
7-Oct T 2: Atomic and Mass Numbers
8-Oct W 3: Periodic Table 1
9-Oct Th
10-Oct F
13-Oct M 4: Periodic Table 2
14-Oct T
15-Oct W 5: Model Problems
16-Oct Th 6: Ionic and Covalent Compounds
17-Oct F
October 6-10
October 13-17
School Wide
Introduction/ i-
September 8-12
September 15-19
September 22-26
September 29-30/
October 1-3
Unit 1-
and Chemistry
Assignment 1: Student
Introduction Kmailed to
Ms. Robison DUE Aug.
August 20-22
August 25-29
September 1-5
Assignment 4: (Unit 1-
Lesson 8) Properties of
Matter DUE Sept. 12th
Assignment 5: (Unit 1-
Lesson 10) Classification
of Matter DUE Sept.
Assignment 6: (Unit 1-
Lesson 13) Physical and
Chemical Changes DUE
Sept. 26th
Assignment 3: (Unit 1-
Lesson 4) Measurement
DUE Sept. 5
Assignmnet 2: Physical
Science Survey DUE
Sept. 5th
Assignment 7: (Unit 1-
Lesson 14) Mixtures and
Solutions DUE Sept.
Assignment 8: (Unit 1-
Lesson 15) Atoms DUE
Oct. 3rd
Assignment 9: (Unit 2-
Lesson 2) Atomic and
Mass Number DUE Oct.
Assignment 10: (Unit 2-
Lesson 6) Ionic and
Covalent Bonds DUE
Oct. 17th
Unit 2-
20-Oct M 7: Chemical Formulas
21-Oct T 8. Your Choice
22-Oct W 9: Chemical Reactions
23-Oct Th 10: Model Problems
24-Oct F
27-Oct M 11: Lab: Titrating Vinegar
28-Oct T 12: Balancing Chemical Equations
29-Oct W 13: Rates of Chemical Reactions
30-Oct Th
31-Oct F
3-Nov M 14: Acids and Bases
4-Nov T 15: Model Problems
5-Nov W 17: Unit Review
6-Nov Th 18: Unit Assessment **4 lessons this week**
7-Nov F
***Unit 3: Motion and Forces***
10-Nov M 1: Laboratory: Calculating Speed
11-Nov T 2: Displacement, Speed, and Velocity
12-Nov W 3: Acceleration
13-Nov Th
14-Nov F
17-Nov M 4: Newton's First Law
18-Nov T
19-Nov W 5: Newton's Second Law of Motion
20-Nov Th
21-Nov F
24-Nov M 6: Model Problems
25-Nov T 7: your Choice
3- Motion and
*No School Nov 26-
Thanksgiving Break
No Teacher Graded
November 24-28
October 20-24
October 27-31
November 3-7
Assignment 11: (Unit 2-
Lesson 9) Chemical
Reactions DUE Oct.
Assignment 12: Mid-
Semester Student
Reflection DUE Oct.
Assignment 13: (Unit 2-
Lesson 13) Rates of
Chemical Reactions DUE
Oct. 31st
Assignment 14: (Unit 2-
Lesson 14) Acids and
Bases DUE Nov. 7th
Assignment 15: (Unit 3-
Lesson 1) Speed DUE
Nov. 14th
Assignment 16: (Unit 3-
Lesson 4-5) Newton's
Laws 1-2 DUE Nov. 21st
November 17-21
November 10-14
Unit 2-
1-Dec M 8: Equal and Opposite Forces
2-Dec T 9: The Pendulum
3-Dec W 10: Motion of a Projectile
4-Dec Th 11: Motion in a Circle (Skipped lesson)
5-Dec F 12: Model Problems (Skipped lesson)
13: Harmonic Motion (Skipped Lesson)
**Complete i-Ready Assessment**
8-Dec M 14: The Pendulum
9-Dec T
10-Dec W 15: Gravitation I
11-Dec Th 16: Gravitation II
12-Dec F 17: Model Problems **4 lessons this week**
15-Dec M 19: Unit Review
16-Dec T 20: Unit Assessment
17-Dec W 21: Semester 1 Review
18-Dec Th 22: Semester 1 Assessment
19-Dec F Last Day of the Semester!
3- Motion and
December 8-12
Assignment 17: (Unit 3-
Lesson 9) Pendulum
DUE Dec. 5th
Assignment 18: (Unit 3-
Lesson 15) Gravitation
DUE Dec. 12th
Assignment 19:
Semester Assessment
DUE Dec. 19th
Class Connects Monday and Wednesday 9:00-9:45am
Please note: Teacher
Graded Assignments are
Due Each Friday. *Each
assignment can be
completed until Sunday of
the assignmed week for
full credit. Assignments
are loaded into the file
sharing for the
assignment under the
science class and are on
the Weebly. In addition,
these will be sent out
each Monday in the
Monday Class Connects: Marked
with the Peach Color
Wednesday Class Connects: Marked with the Gold
December 1-5
December 15-19
Semester 1