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The Painting Norma d’aguilar/Rock Hill Sc Fade in: Ext. Fishing

The Painting Norma d’aguilar/Rock Hill Sc Fade in: Ext. Fishing

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Published by: patsyis on Dec 14, 2009
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Amber throws Samuel’s photo face down on the corner table.
She sits on the couch hugging her arms to her chest. Her
body trembling.

Damn you, Samuel and you, too

Amber walks to the painting and pokes at it. A beam of
light shoots at her arms and legs. Her body jerks.
She tries to run but can’t move. Her feet are stuck to the
carpet. She points to the painting.

Let go of me! Let go of my feet.
No good has come to us since
we take you in here. Stop holding
me down! You’re the devil,
I know it!

Amber sees the little people in the painting holding hands.
They dance a line. The windows of the lighthouse flash
brilliant yellow lights. Her body jerks.

Tomorrow when Sara leaves
I’m going in the village to
that Felix. I’ll let him


tell me where he gets you
and what Samuel has to with
it. He’s into it too.

Amber holds her pants and tries to lift her legs but stays
stuck to the carpet. She looks at the painting.

AMBER (shouting)
Let go of my feet. I know it
is your doing. Let me go I
tell you. Bastards!

Sara walks inside and hugs her mother. Amber is able to

Mom, why are you yelling?

Amber frowns and walks with Sara to the table. Sara picks
up her father’s photo and touches his face.

My belly doesn’t hurt so much
anymore and it is getting soft.
Feel it for yourself.

Amber feels Sara’s stomach. It is soft and Sara didn’t
wince in pain as usual.

Take off your uniform.
I’ll go fix you some food.
That belly of yours really
feels softer.

Amber pats her daughter’s head.

It’s the massage from them.
They promise to take me into
the hotter water next time. They
promise to show me a big prize.
They say I’ll be really better

Amber looks at Sara’s smiling face and back at the painting
flashing lights. She walks to the kitchen with her hands on
her head.


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