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Name: _______________________________________________________ Cycle: Basic I

Date: ____________________________Teacher: _______________________________________
I. - Complete Angies daily routine. Use the word. (12 points)

II. - Answer the following questions about yourself. (12 points)


Are you married? __________________

How old are you? ___________________________
Whats your job? ____________________________
What would you like to drink? _______________________________________
What would you like to eat? __________________________________________
Do you have any brothers or sisters? _______________________________________

III. - Complete the sentences using Possessive adjectives: MyYourHisHerItsOur-Their. (14 p)

1. Ben is a boy. ________name is Ben Scott.
2. Debbie has a dog. ___________dog is very lively.
3. The dog is very lively. ________name is Ben.
4. We are at school. __________school is in Vienna.
5. You have an English book. _________English book is green.
6. I'm from Chester. ____________parents are from Chester, too.
7. The Doltons have a restaurant _______restaurant is great.
IV. - Read and write the names of jobs. (12 points)
1. Brian works at the hospital. Hes a _______________
2. Attie teaches English. Shes a ___________________
3. Tania spends hours in malls. ____________________________________

4. Jake finds new ideas for TV shows. ______________________________

5. Debbie takes the dogs for walks._________________________________
6. Andrew works at the police station.______________________________
V. - Complete these dialogues in Present Simple. Use do, does, dont and doesnt. (18 points)
Dialogue 1
Interviewer: So, Tania. _______ you work every day?
No, ______________. I work when people ask me to go shopping for them.
Interviewer: And ________ you work on weekends?
Yes, _________. Especially at really busy times. Christmas for example.
Dialogue 2
A: What _________ your brother do?
B: Hes a barman. He works in a restaurant.
A: _________ he like his job?
B: Yes, _______________.
A: __________ he works on weekends?
B: No,______________
VI. - Fill in the gaps. (20 points)
1. Steve __________ (drink) four cups of coffee a day.
2. We __________ (have) dinner at 7 oclock.
3. Shes very smart. She ________ (speak) four languages.
4. I _________ (go) to the movies with friends on Mondays.
5. The bank _________ (open) at 9:00 in the morning.
6. Sue is a teacher. She __________ (teach) maths to young children.
7. Shoes are expensive. They __________ (cost) a lot of money.
8. Peter __________ (wash) his hair everyday.
9. An insect _________ (have) six legs.
10. My father _________ (read) the newspaper every morning.
VII. - Write a short paragraph about your daily routine. (12 points)
My daily routine