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Life Planning Workbook

Life Planning Workbook

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Published by: shaharyarpasha on Dec 07, 2009
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Now that you’re through the Chapters exploring your inner most needs and desires, it’s time to turn all
this new-found insight into something useful for goal setting. But make sure you’re comfortable with the
first 2 Chapters before continuing as they set the foundation for the personal goals you need to set.

Chapter Outcomes:

At the end of this Chapter, you will be able to:

•Define ‘success’ and what it means to you
•List the aspects of life that are most important to you
•Describe your ‘big picture’ for the most important aspects of your life

This chapter determines your ‘big-picture’, so therefore sets the end target or destination for your goal
setting. Take the time to get to the bottom of your big-picture – you’ll appreciate the effort spent when
you know your life is heading in the right direction!

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