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A Case of Mistaken

By Sally Morem
Twas a case of mistaken identity
My journal entries say
I thought I was Her Majesty
And she thought she would stay
Entering the funhouse at the summer carnival
Triing on those tilting floors
And gawking in the mirror that
!eflects some mythic shores
"hen I aroached the end of
#ur jolly journey through
I saw the helms of hyacinth
I heard the kettles $rew
Monastic fauna floored me
Tu$es sheltered from the see
Her oies glowed a$ove the veldt
To ollinate the dee
Telemetry did signal
Monastic message did come through
The synthesis is now comlete
The secrets have accrued
I stood uon a grassy lain
Some fresher oies grew
%ive native dogs chased graceful hinds
&own mountain streams they flew
The narrow way through snowy clouds
'oured down that mountainside
Metastasi(ing jutting clouds
!esounding as they cried
And there I meet her nighthawk soul
Swig dreamsense $y the soon
I stood enchanted $y the glow
#f mesmeri(ing moon
#ur hands touched lightly and e)changed
*ast sights and sounds and traits
The rites $egan so dreamily
"e slied our mental fates
The rocess++irreversi$le
,lose down the magic light
Address me as Her Majesty
%or she holds now my might
Since she is me
And I am she
I am content to merely $e
The last illusion we shall see
!eceived an invitation-
Be careful what you do
'resentiment may fool you
But it may all $e true