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The benefit of recording a transaction or asking for a receipt when

Once Hazrat Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi (Rahmatullahi Alaihi) mentioned that a well-known proverb
in the Arabic lanuae is!
"#ive like brothers but deal like straners$
There are man% advantaes and benefits throuh one adoptin clarit% and s%stem in one&s dealins'
whether one takes a loan' ives a loan' or one settles an outstandin debt-in all cases one should ensure
that one reduces it in writin and one keeps a record of the transaction( )n this wa% one will save
oneself from inconvenience or incurrin an% loss( *or e+ample' when one hires the services of the
washer-man (laundromat) then he should ensure that he asks for a receipt as a proof of the transaction(
)n doin so' one benefit one receives is that in the event the clothes et misplaced b% the washer-man
(laundromat)' the washer-man will not be able to den% that %ou ave %our clothes to him' as %ou have
proof of the transaction( Another benefit one receives is that even if one loses the receipt' since one had
taken a receipt from the washer-man' the washer-man will remain constantl% aware and conscious that
he had iven %ou a receipt for %our clothes' hence he will certainl% return %our clothes to %ou( These
beautiful teachins of ,hariah (i(e( recordin the transaction' business dealins' etc() that we have
received are all favours and bounties upon us from the side of Allah Ta&ala(
(Malfoozaat Hakeemul -mmat ./0 12)