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Six signs of Respecting the command of Allah:Ibn al-Qayyim
In todays age o! irreverence "and even contempt# to$ards religion in general and the la$s o! Islam in
partic%lar& even some '%slims appear to be lacking in the re(%ired respect and reverence !or the
*evering and venerating +od,s commands and symbols sho$s veneration !or the -ne $ho sent them.
$hich is !rom piety o! hearts.
/llah says: 01hoever reveres the symbols o! +od& that is !rom piety o! hearts.0 23%ran422:526
)ymbols "sha7a,ir# re!ers to signs& marks or emblems by $hich something is kno$n to belong to some
partic%lar body or gro%p o! people. 8lags& !or instance& are sha7a,ir. as are those religio%s rites and
practices $hich are emblematic o!& or speci!ic to& certain religio%s comm%nities.
9ere& the symbols o! +od being spoken o! in the above verse re!er to those $ell4kno$n& e:ternal
commands and prohibitions emblematic o! Islam: the prayer& adhan& !asting& pilgrimage rites& the
prohibition o! pork or o! drinking into:icants& etc.
;he tr%th is that <eneration "respecting or honoring# o! command o! +od is the mani!estation o!
veneration to +od and this $ill entail absol%te conviction& honesty& Ikhlas "sincerity# and non4hypocrisy
in !aith and action.
)ometimes a man does good $ork !or raising his stat%re or rank in the eyes o! people and leaves
something !or the !ear o! the people or d%e to the !ear o! the )hariah p%nishments. )%ch a person
neither acts nor stops d%e to veneration to +od& b%t only to enhance his stat%re or save his position.
)i: signs o! veneration to the command o! /llah:
1. ;o remain vigilant in its per!ormance correctly and $ithin its time and limit.
2. ;o per!orm its necessary and essential elements attentively.
5. ;o keep himsel! ready be!ore the approach o! the time o! its per!ormance.
4. ;o hasten to do it $hen it is d%e.
=. ;o try to do it as per!ectly as possible "both in$ardly and o%t$ardly#.
6. ;o become sad $hen he !inds some >a$s in its accomplishments or he misses some parts or $hole
o! the command.
8or e:ample& i! a person misses his prayer in congregation& he kno$s that he may o!!er this prayer
alone& b%t instead he is sad !or missing the re$ards o! the congregation. )%ch a person $ill never miss
his salah.
0/nd $hoever reveres the sacraments o! +od& that is better !or him $ith his ?ord.0 23%ran422:506.
4'ostly taken !rom /l 1abil /s )ayyib o! Imam Ibn al43ayyim. *./.