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5 straight pieces

5 forked pieces
Allium is a self-assembly pendant lampshade
consisting of 10 individual pieces that clip
together. Specically designed from 1 material
and using 1 manufacturing process Allium is
100% recyclable. So just follow our simple 7 step
guide to make your very own Allium lampshade.
-Only suitable for a pendant lampshade
-For use only with an energy saver bulb max 40W
-Ensure Allium is assembled according to these
instructions before turning the light on.
-Bulb must never come in contact with the leaves.
This pack contains:
1. First clip all 5 forked pieces onto light
cable as shown ( i ). Then clip all 5 straight
pieces onto light cable above the forked
pieces ( ii ).
( i )
( ii )
2. Starting on one side take the top forked
piece and top straight piece and slot
together at the top and base as shown.
3. Pull the next top forked piece forward.
Slot into the connected pieces at the top and
4. Take the next top straight piece and slot
into connected pieces as shown. Make sure to
always move round in one direction.
5. Continue to slot the pieces together
into the grouping. Alternate between the
forked and straight pieces. Make sure to
always take the front piece from each group.
inside outside
6. Clip the nal two pieces together to
complete the lampshade.
7. Lastly check all the slots, making sure
all the pieces are connected correctly.
If you have any problem assembling Allium
lampshade please see our video guide at:
Designed & made in Ireland