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$1000 with 4 hours of work

$1000 with 4 hours of work

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Download this book ( +bonus ) TODAY and START MAKING CASH MONEY . contact cashmoney2make@gmail.com
Download this book ( +bonus ) TODAY and START MAKING CASH MONEY . contact cashmoney2make@gmail.com

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Published by: cashmoney2make on Dec 03, 2009
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How I Made $1,000 With 4 Hours Of Work By Leeching Off Silly Guru Launches & Continue To Replicate Over & Over

By: Jason D

It really all started when I was noticing the hype for all these crazy product launches in the Internet Marketing scene... from Rich Schefren's silly program to Stomper SMARTS. I was looking for some easy way to make some cash and this was a definite eye opener. Now that I made the money, I'm now creating an attack plan for every guru launch – and so should you! Yep... all high ticket products – but what about a guy like me that doesn't have some list to sell to? When all the crazy gurus are blasting emails and talking on forums about all these new product launches, there seems to be a mayhem and it happens over and over and over. It never stops and it's hilarious lol. I started to invest in figuring out some ways to make money off these guru launches – and really figured it out with the Frank Kern Mass Control launch. Yep, I made 1 simple sale – and everything began to make sense. I now had this cool system I could use for all the new product launches that happen almost every single week it seems... And with launches like Traffic Secrets 2, Product Launch Formula 2, Million Dollar March.... there is so much opportunity to make so much cash! Anyway, so I've basically created a step-by-step process for you guys to do the same that I have done – no BS.

STEP 1: Get the Info
Sign-up for Affiliate Lists & JV Broker lists ● http://www.jvnotifypro.com/ ● Mike Merz - http://www.im4newbies.com/ ● Reed Floren ● Harris Fellman * Be sure to sign up for JVNotifyPro (Mike Merz's JV List). He keeps you up to date with everything! Hell, even email him about all the next big upcoming launches. He will tell you because he will end up making $$$. :) When you find the next high-end product to be launched, immediately sign-up for:

The email list of the person launching the product

The affiliate email list for the product (If you can't find it, email the person lauching the product. They WILL get back to you. These guys are good to their affiliates because they account for so much of their sales)

STEP 2: Corner the Search Market
As soon as you get an email, or see the next big 'guru' product being launched, you must corner the search market.

Take over domain names for all related terms.

Examples: masscontrolreview.com masscontrolbonus.com masscontrolmarketing.com frankkernmasscontrol.com masscontrolmillions.com Think about what the search terms people are going to be looking for when they are inquiring about the product.

The 2 best ones are xxxxxxreview.com, and xxxxxxbonus.com. Later we will get into creating simple bonuses that you can give away if people buy through your link.

STEP 3: Set Up Shop
There are a number of ways of planning your attack, but we will talk about the 2 BEST ways to set yourself up for maximum affiliate sales of the product you are promoting. The first one costs $, but can be more effective for the long run if you'd like to make a residual income beyond just the product launch. Approach #1 – Squeezing for dollars: Set up an account with Aweber.com $19/mo. It is an email service that allows you to capture emails of your site visitors via an opt-in box you can easily add to any website. ● Set up the page that your subscribers will see when they opt into your list telling them they will be updated with any and all product information leading up to the launch. ● Put the opt-in box on your Main Site** ● Now you will have your own list of people interested in products like the one you are promoting. Now if you see more products like the one they opted in about, you can offer them to this targeted list of subscribers you are building. A list, if treated well, and given plenty of value, will pay you forever.

**Your Main Site will be the one you will be directing your traffic to, via your sub sites. You can see an example of my Main Site for the Mass Control Launch at: http://masscontrol.wordpress.com

Approach #2 – The Free Method You don't have to purchase all of the domain names in Step 2, because there are plenty of free services out there that you can choose an ultra-targeted keyword domain name.
(Just as I did with masscontrol.wordpress.com....This had my site high on page 1 of Google for a number of Mass Control Keywords)

Important Notice: When you are creating these sites, keep in mind people are searching because they want a BONUS. Create some really simple bonus that compliments the product. Like Traffic Secrets 2, you give a bonus on a traffic tactic you know... you will get MORE SALES by doing this. People want bonuses – and if you give it to ‘em, they will buy in a heartbeat. Google loves all of these free sites, and not only indexes them fast, but ranks them high: www.wordpress.com www.blogger.com www.hubpages.com www.squidoo.com You will be able to make free sites with domain names like: www.hubpages.com/hub/Frank-Kern-Mass-Control-Bonus www.squidoo.com/mass-control-millions **NOTE** Squidoo allows underscores AND dashes in their URLS so you could actually get www.squidoo.com/ mass-control-millions AND
www.squidoo.com/ mass_control_millions

The Content Swipe (Do Not directly copy) information pieces from articles and blog posts on either the person launching the product, or the actual product. This is for people who don't have a list to market to. Frank Kern sent all of his affiliates email sales copy to send to their list that linked to some cool free content he offered throughout the launch. I didn't have a list so what did I do? I copied and pasted the email copy he sent into a post on my Main Site – *Bang* – Instant content.

The “Gurus” Track Cookies
When a visitor is sent to their opt-in list or website through one of your affiliate links, they get tracked. This is why it's so important to get ranked EARLY in the pre-launch phase. Wordpress actually allows you to see what search terms people are finding your site within the “Blog Stats” section of your wp-admin. During the Mass Control Launch, he talked about something called IDT in one of the free videos he offered, so that night I took 5 minutes to write a blog post entitled “Frank Kern IDT Method” and threw a couple of links to it. The following day I got 20 hits to the blog all from IDT related searches. Once they got to the post, I link them to the Frank Kern video, and if they opt-in, they become leads. Video Ranks Fast: If you Googled the term: Frank Kern Mass Control during much of the the pre-launch, what were results #2 and #3? That's right – Youtube Videos Google loves Youtube for obvious reasons, and ranks videos well. The key is the TITLE of the video is perfectly targeted to the search terms you are shooting for.

Linking Once you have your free sites set up, you should link them to one another, but try to keep the links 'one-way' for example: Squidoo------>Wordpress Blogger------->Wordpress Blogger------->Squidoo Squidoo---/-->Blogger All of your sites should link to your Main Site somewhere whether it is in the 'Links section' or in the content. Use the keywords you want to rank for as anchor text when linking. Linking also can be done by social bookmarking. You are not aiming to get votes or Diggs on your submission, you are looking for the bookmark you submit to rank in the search engines, which it should—VERY High. The ones that rank the fastest and best are Propeller.com, Digg.com, and Clipmarks.com

Pinging and Tags
I use Pingomatic.com because it is fast and efficient. Any time you put content on a page or post on one of your sites, ping the page and the RSS feed for the page on Pingomatic. This tells the search engines that you have updated and makes their spiders come to your page immediately, so it gets indexed faster. You should also Tag your posts and pages with unique terms that people promoting the same thing won't be using. For the Mass Control Launch, I used tags in Wordpress like: Masscontrol, and Frank Kerns Mass Control. Then you can throw some links to, and Ping the tag pages, because they will actually rank too.

The Result....$1k in 4 Hours

370 clicks really ain't that shabby from the search engine for the keywords I got ranked on in such a short period of time. Had I included a bonus (I didn't have one – I'm an idiot!!!) I would've easily made a couple more sales.

STEP 4 – Rinse and Repeat
You can literally follow these steps for as many product launches as you want. There is always something new being released, so all you have to do is seek out the most expensive, potentially well-marketed products that will give you the best results for your time. You can even use this for new Clickbank items that people have not competed heavily for yet. Thanks Again! Hope You Enjoyed It. - Jason

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