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When I left the past year holiday university, I reviewed a lot of the topics that I
learned throughout the semester and I drew up a strict schedule for play guitar,
tiple and vocal technique. I practiced and studied some music theory and grammar.
As long as my vacation was in my siblings house because my parents had no
holidays, for this reason we kept the house neat and well tidy. The first days of
December I started practicing Christmas songs for the novenas celebrated from
the 16th to the 24th, and some for January the 6th "when the Magi arrived". The
second day of the novena I was invited to a tour of Boyac, where we visited
places like the bridge of Boyac, Swamp Vargas, towns like Nobsa, Tibasosa and
Duitama. We passed the boyacense Pueblito, the most romantic place I've ever
known. This village was completely illuminated, Andean music everywhere, magic
bars and the best tourist atmosphere.
In the New Year of 2014 I shared with my family in Mosquera, we made a
traditional Colombian roast and danced a bit. An uncle wanted the best prosperity
for the year and he offered to keep love and good health. The first week of January
I rested from work and the festivities and then I resumed the instrumental study.
The 14th of that month they called me to give a concert in Barbosa Santander; I
interpreted religious themes and Colombian music. Then I turned the trip into a
fantastic holiday, three days and two nights in a land of friendly and hardworking
people. I even forgot that I had to return to Bogota, because the main thing I seek
when I'm on vacation is to relax, when I was on holiday I didn't pay too much
attention to the books. I went to a pool for a whole afternoon and I continued with a
special dinner that filled the entire table.
I returned to the city to continue with my university studies and enrolled to study
English at Ilud
Steven Rojas Ortega Group 13 ILUD Saturday, July 26 th ,2014