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UNSTRUCTURED Field Experience Log & Reflection

Instructional Technology Departent

Aimee Mancil
Dr. Sonya Bennett, Principal
Center Elementary School/
Ware County Schools
ITEC 7!"# Data Analysis an$ School Impro%ement
Dr. &u$ith &ones/
Summer '!()
$art I! Log
%This log contains space for up to & different field experiences for your & hours' It ight (e that you coplete one field experience totaling & hours)
If you ha*e fe+er field experiences, -ust delete the extra ro+s' Than. you)/
Date%s/ 0
Field Experience 1cti*ity#Tie $SC#ISTE Standard%s/
*Minimum o+ #) sentences per ,uestion-
" hours
I .or/e$ on the school .e0site to 1et it up$ate$ +or the
parents an$ teachers to %ie. 0e+ore school starts in a +e.
.ee/s. I chan1e$ some thin1s, a$$e$ thin1s, an$ $elete$
thin1s that are no lon1er rele%ant to the school year that
is comin1 up. I also chan1e$ the loo/ a little to ma/e
thin1s $i++erent. Center2s 3ace0oo/ pa1e .as also
PSC#(, (.(., (.', (.),
, .', .4, .7, ), ).(,
).', ).
ISTE#(, (.a., (.0, (.$.,
, .0., .+, .1, ",a,
".0, ".c,
0' 2riefly descri(e the field experience'
3hat did you learn a(out technology
facilitation and leadership fro
copleting this field experience4
Bein1 a Technolo1y Instructor
at Center Elementary, I am in
char1e o+ the schools .e0site.
I ha%e the responsi0ility o+
ma/in1 sure thin1s are up to
$ate +or the parents an$ the
stu$ents to loo/ at +or the ne.
school year. I lo%e +acilitatin1
this tas/ an$ 0ein1 a lea$er +or
the school, parents, an$ sta++ at
5' 6o+ did this learning relate to the
.no+ledge %+hat ust you .no+/,
s.ills %+hat ust you (e a(le to do/
and dispositions %attitudes, (eliefs,
enthusias/ re7uired of a technology
facilitator or technology leader4
%Refer to the standards you selected in
*Place an 6 in the 0o7 representin1 the race/ethnicity an$ su01roups in%ol%e$ in this +iel$ e7perience.-
Ethnicity $:05 Faculty#Staff $:05 Students
P#' #" 4#8 9#(' P#' #" 4#8 9#('
Asian ; ; ; ;
Blac/ ; ; ; ;
:ispanic ; ; ; ;
;ati%e American/Alas/an ;ati%e ; ; ; ;
White ; ; ; ;
Multiracial ; ; ; ;
Stu$ents .ith Disa0ilities ; ; ; ;
<imite$ En1lish Pro+iciency ; ; ; ;
Eli1i0le +or 3ree/=e$uce$
; ; ; ;
$art I' Use the language of the $SC
standards in your ans+er and reflect
on all <, s.ills, and
Teachers, Parents, an$
Stu$ents nee$ to /no. .hat is
1oin1 on in the school .ith
acti%ities, school supply list
an$ important in+ormation
they nee$ to /no..
I am a0le to use the .e0site
that I $e%elope$, pu0lish an$
/eep up$ate$ to /eep parents,
teachers an$ stu$ents up$ate$
.ith the latest in+ormation.
The attitu$es$s the
.e0site ha%e 0een 1reat.
Parents, teachers an$ stu$ents
tell me ho. much it has
helpe$ them in /no.in1 the
latest in+ormation +or Center.
They sai$ they li/e 1oin1 to
the Calen$ar ta0 to see i+ any
e%ents are 1oin1 on +or the
.ee/ an$ the $ay ahea$5
<' Descri(e ho+ this field experience
ipacted school ipro*eent, faculty
de*elopent or student learning at
your school' 6o+ can the ipact (e
This helps the school to
impro%e 0ecause .ith the
.e0site .e 1et a lot more
parent in%ol%ement than .e
$i$ 0e+ore the up$ate$
I ha%e a pri%ate counter on the
.e0site that I can access to see
ho. many people %isit our
.e0site. We ha%e ha$ o%er
"!,!!! hits5 That is ho. many
people .e are reachin1 .ith
this .e0site5 This is ho. I
access ho. .ell the .e0site is
reachin1 parents, stu$ents an$