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Following Jesus Inc.

(Non-Profit Organization)

Monthly Newsletter

Month Reported: June 2014
Letter Issued In: Winter Garden, Florida.
Issue Date: July 10, 2014

We exist to fulfill the Great Commission and for that we reach all kinds of people
for Christ, through content transmitted across the mass media, with the vision to
reach the entire population of the world, in all nations.

People reached by the end of June 2014: 354,594
(Direct Reach: Not counting sharing, tagging, re-tweeting, re-sending)

Growth of Daily Reach
Period + People + %
June14 vs May14 +30,354 + 9.4
June14 vs March14 + 89,069 + 33.5
June14 vs December13 + 150,660 + 73.9

December 2014 Goal: To reach 1,000,000 people daily for

Breakdown of Our Daily Reach of People
Social Network People Reached + People vs May + % vs May
Pinterest 279,199 +25,403 +10.0%
Twitter 37,091 +3,791 +11.4%
Facebook 33,023 +384 +1.2%
Instagram 1,722 +608 +54.6%
Others 3,558 +168 +5.0%
TOTAL 354,593 +30,354 +9.4%
* Others: EMail, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, Scribd, Bloggers, SlideShare & YouTube.
Following Jesus Inc.
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Help us to Help Others.

Thanks to the donations we have received, we can help our followers in their daily
struggle and build them with Christian Principles & Values. All Following Jesus Inc.
services are free, because that is the way it should be. However, what we do have
a cost to us, but we give it for free.

Please support us with a donation to continue our work. Donate according to your
means and it doesnt matter if the donation is small. Any donation of 1 dollar on, it
is important for us, to continue to build lives. We appreciate your support, even
better if it is a monthly recurring donation.

Please click in this link to DONATE:

Thank you and God bless you abundantly.

Following Jesus Inc.

Purpose Statement

We exist to fulfill the Great Commission.

Our purpose has been predefined for us in Matthew 28:19-20, when Jesus Christ
sent us make disciples of all the nations, teaching them to obey all the
commands He have given us. Thats our purpose: To reach others with the Good
News, advancing Gods Kingdom and exalting Jesus Christs name, following His
example of love.


To reach all kinds of people for Christ, through content transmitted across the
mass media.


To reach the entire population of the world, in all nations.


To Create messages addressed to the person, on issues that affect the individual,
rather than address the collective, with messages that affect at group level.
Transmit these messages, preferably in audiovisual format, through the Social
Networks and content "On Demand" platforms.


2014: Webpage. Social Networks. Videos. Webinars. Mobile Apps.
2015: On Demand content platforms. Audiovisual Serial. Short Films/Videos
(10to 20).
2016: Feature Films.