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CM Knifed

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C/M Knife Rollers

The C/M Knife Roller kit is a complete interchange for the stalk rollers
you are currently using on either 40 or 90 series JD corn heads.

New cast roller with 2 bolt on Knives with two cutting edges each.
(Knives can be interchanged with CNH #86977538)

Blades are reversible and can be replaced individually without removing
the stalk roll from the row unit.

The cutting edge of the knife is coated with long wearing tungsten car-
bide and heat treated making them extremely sharp and durable.

The coating on one side of the knife produces a self sharpening design
that ensures consistent performance throughout the life of the knife.

Knife stalk rolls are recommended for customers who demand aggres-
sive residue processing across a broad range of conditions. This roller
kit is not a substitute for a Chopping Corn Head.

Open area between rollers during rotation allows stalk to travel up the
roller, because of forward movement of the combine, and rotation of the
gathering chain.

New CM shaft barrel support housing can be replaced without remov-
ing the gearbox from the corn head.

Contact: Clarke Machine for a catalog on Custom Corn Heads, Frame
Kits, Poly row dividers and other corn head accessories.
Cutting Action Forward Movement
Knife Roller Kit # 99991885
Includes 2 new roller assemblies 1 LH and 1 RH which
include new cast spirals, tubing, blades and hardware.
Also includes a new Heavy duty shaft support housing,
with needle bearings, seals and gaskets.