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Daniel Felipe Lemus Ballesteros

Sogamoso is city where i was born and i'm going to tell

you some things about the most beautiful place in the
entire world, sogamoso about in the culture is
interesting because people there too much attitude with
the culture things such as, music, special food, special
dishes, for the other hand people know to Sogamoso like
a symbol of the indian past and there you can find a
special place because you can find a special weather,
and some products about corn and special clothes .
over there is pretty nice because isn't mean expensive
to the time to try to find some food, alcohol, some pretty
awesome people about the education is focus on
industrial economy because in the sena people offer
those degrees.
Parties and
September 6: Anniversary of
the city.
July: Holiday Sun and Steel.
July: Festival Cob
September: International
Festival of Culture.
October: Corn Festival.
Gastronomy Masato corn and rice
Masato Cuchuco wheat
Cuchuco corn
Wheat Cuchuco
History and Culture
Eliezer Silva Celis
He led or basilisk
without legs.
Stone of Patience

Sogamoso economy in the steel and
building materials industry, and the
exploitation of limestone, marble,
coal and agriculture, regional trade
and to central Colombia and the
eastern Llanos