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Ministry of Foreign Affairs
P. O. Box 7048,
Inany correspondence on
this subject please quote no: RC/ADM/PRESS/21
Statement by the Government of Uganda on the Anti Homosexuality
Act, 2014
Following a democratic Parliamentary process, the Government of the
Republic of Uganda enacted the Anti Homosexuality Act on 24th February
this year, with a view to curbing open promotion of homosexuality,
especially among children and other vulnerable groups.
However, its enactment has been misinterpreted as a piece of legislation
intended to punish and discriminate against people of a "homosexual
orientation", especially by our development partners.
TheGovernment of the Republic of Uganda reaffirms that no activities of
individuals, groups, companies or organisations will be affected by the
Act. The intention of the Act is to stop promotion and exhibition of
homosexual practices.
This is also to reaffirmthat the Government of Uganda:
remains committed to the protection of the rights of all individuals
on the territory of Uganda and to ensure that nobody takes the law
into their hands;
remains committed to guarantee full access to social services,
including health and HIV/AIDSservices, for all persons in Uganda
without discrimination;
will continue to guarantee equal treatment of all persons on the
territory of Uganda, and respect the constitutional provisions on
the right to privacy;
will continue to enable civil society and NGOsto operate freely, in
accordance with the laws of Uganda, including relevant NGO
legislation; and
undertakes to expedite finalisation of the guidelines and
regulations for the implementation of the Act.
7JULY, 2014

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