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Scouting is one of the extracurricular activities where teachers and pupils in the Philippine Public
Schools are actively engaged in.
Hence, October is the month for scouting celebration. A celebration that involves varied
activities for the students to perform to develop their skills and abilities as well as the value of
sportsmanship. The Conalum Elementary School conducted its school based celebration greatly started
a school band parade awakened the community to witness. The joint program of the scouters included
the Rededication of the Scout Oath and Law. The formal opening was done by Scout Commissioner
Virgilio M. Pelicano. Such an event conducted by each an officiating official. The scouters joined,
cheered, yelled and enjoyed. The talents and wits of the scouters were uncovered. Those quiet in class
showed how active and talented they were during the games. After the said games, the scouters took
rest and ate lunch. Aside from the games, the Conalum Elementary School hosted a coronation program
for G. & Bb. Iskaut 2011. The program started with a doxology by the selected Grade V pupils followed
by the salute to the flag by the sound system. Our father in school, Mr. Virgilio M. Pelicano, gave his
words of welcome. The entrance of the royal court made the audience put into silence as their eyes
enjoyed looking unto the colorful and elegant gown they wore. A preschool pupil got the title for G.
Iskaut 2011 in the person of Sheen Timon Patindol and for the Bb. Iskaut 2011 was Juliet M. Sanchez got
the title. Proud relatives, friends as well as the untiring and ever supportive parents of the candidates
put on and pinned the sash. Different homages presented. Proclamation of winners and distribution of
prizes was done to keep the crowd intact.
The scouters seemed tireless, the teachers equally energetic as they cheered and acted like
mothers to their scout. Satisfied and fulfilled, all scouters went home with their hearts filled with joy and