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Acid rain damages aquatic ecosystems A !a"anced #H is $ita"

%or aquatic "i%e &'en t'e #H o% "a(es %a""s !e"o) **+ t'e
amount and di$ersity o%
$egetation+ am#'i!ians and %is' decreases ,e"o) -*+ most %is'
#o#u"ations are (i""ed In areas )'ere !u%%ering ca#acity is "o)+
"i(e t'e Canadian .recam!rian S'ie"d+ acidic de#osition 'as "ed
to increased acidity o% ri$ers and "a(es+ and to t'e "eac'ing
o% a"uminum %rom soi"s T'is is seen most o%ten in t'e sur%ace
)aters o% sout'eastern Canada+ suc' as Ontario and /ue!ec
)'ere acid rain "e$e"s are 'ig'est T'e soi" in )estern Canada is
more a"(a"ine and t'us can #ro$ide a 0!u%%er1 against acid rain
2En$ironment Canada3 Ho)e$er+ in &estern Canada+ SO4
emissions are increasing and are at a "e$e" to t'reaten "a(es in
t'e region
,eyond t'e direct e%%ect on )ater #H+ t'e acidity o% t'e )ater
causes increased "eac'ing o% to5ic e"ements suc' as a"uminum
%rom t'e soi" T'is can 'a$e catastro#'ic e%%ects on aquatic "i%e
as seen in t'e mar(ed dec"ine o% At"antic sa"mon in
t'e 6aritimes Consequent"y+ t'e reduced %ood su##"y "eads to a
decrease in t'e #o#u"ation o% !irds and ot'er %is' #redators In
addition+ as t'e "a(es !ecome more acidic+ mercury turns into
t'e more to5ic and !ioa$ai"a!"e met'y" mercury 26eHg3 T'is is
es#ecia""y de$astating to %is' and )i"d"i%e and as it )or(s its
)ay u# t'e %ood c'ain7 it !ecomes $ery dangerous to 'umans
6oreo$er+ acid rain 'as !een associated )it' o8one "ayer
de#"etion and c"imate c'ange 2En$ironmenta" .rotection
Agency3 As t'e acid disso"$es t'e organic materia"s in t'e "a(es+
t'ese !odies o% )ater "ose t'eir o#acity and !ecome c"earer and
t'us more $u"nera!"e to t'e 'arm%u" e%%ects o% u"tra$io"et
radiation G"o!a" )arming 'as turned 'arm"ess su"#'ur
com#ounds in )et"ands into dangerous su"#'ates t'at t'en
disso"$e in )ater mu"ti#"ying t'e negati$e e%%ects o% acid rain
T'e e%%ects o% acid rain on 'uman 'ea"t' are de$astating Acid
rain 'as !een associated )it' 'eart and "ung disease in 'umans
2E.A Acid Rain 93 SO4 is a main %actor in smog %ormation
)'ic' in turn negati$e"y a%%ects t'e air qua"ity )e !reat'e T'is
is es#ecia""y 'arm%u" to t'e e"der"y and t'ose )it' ast'ma and
ot'er "ung i""nesses It is estimated t'at 0more t'an :; #ercent
o% a"" Canadians "i$e in areas )it' 'ig' acid rain<re"ated
#o""ution "e$e"s1 2Canada=s Atmos#'eric Di$ision3 T'is #ro$es
t'at t'e 'ea"t' o% most Canadians is direct"y susce#ti!"e to t'e
negati$e e%%ects o% acid rain I% SO4 #roduction is cut in 'a"%
t'en t'is )i"" "ead to t'e #re$ention o% **; #remature deat's #er