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Walker 1

Nataj Walker
Professor J.E. Knott
044 Health Ed online
21 May 2014
Personal Prescription

Using the HeartMath assessment, it allotted for me to see my health in groups
some aspects were healthier than others, but as I realize I am not a group of differing
parts; rather a complete mass which needs to be fully fulfilled, I was able to collect my
information to deduce my entire health pattern. This website gives you three assessment
choices (of which all should be taken) It starts with stress and well being in this avenue
I scored a high score (cumulative 96%) for high stress in the form of emotional, physical,
and my response to stress along with a few other stressors. This website is great because
it also suggests ways of improvement for the arenas in which one is most in need of
working through. To improve on my stress levels I will try to write out my problems
every time I see myself coming to wall and push toward exerting my problems while
aiming as close to a positive route as possible. My stress is often relied on a bundle of
emotions that I have yet to fully address. I noticed a lot of my stress was revolved around
self-esteem and outward stressors i.e. relationships. Bridging this gap means I need to
assess what I value in myself and in the relationships that I currently have along with
making goals for future relationships. Most of all, I learned that I need to stop letting time
control my stress (getting better immediately, and being devastated by not getting what I
want) I think I have become dependent on immediate satisfaction causing often let
downs. My goal for my stress is to chill out, enjoy the time I have, and truthfully embrace
my endeavors.
Walker 2
The second part of the assessment was the personal tracker it identifies ones
particular pattern of how one feels about physical/emotional vitality, social/spiritual
connectedness, and ones overall well being. This tool uses a gage to set ones own
standard of where one might feel about each aspect in the moment. The tool resets every
time it is taken and shows if the feelings have improved or descended since the last gage
of the tracker. The assessment helped me to identify the correlation between my lack of
energy and emotional restraint. I need to be more proactive in my overall feelings of
being engaged and engaging in activities/relationships. The tracker did not tell a score of
my health, but it did allow for a more vivid detail of where I stand in my own reflection
of myself. I think being able to track my changes in feelings is a really great thing
because I think somewhere along the way I will be able to really see my trends and how I
tend to feel on an often basis. In effort to improve on these factors in my life I think I will
have to really evaluate my attitude toward life, because though I feel like I do not resent
the world or feel like it is an awful place to grow and develop, I feel that I have far more
selfish desires (doing things that feel good in moments rather than doing things that will
be abundantly helpful) and less proactive tendencies which I would like to change.
The last part is the community assessment, this assessment details ones
connectedness to the world around and how one feels in direct reflection of the
community. This one was just like the personal tracker literally with no change in the
gage or what I was gaging had a little bit of frustration with this one so I took to an
ayurvedic website for this last bit. The website has a questionnaire of maybe 65
questions. It determines ones quality of life in just three parts but in these parts reveal a
great detail of the makeup of a person. The ideas are based on ones connectedness to the
Walker 3
earth, and the spiritual connection one is perceived through wind, water, and fire. I was
deemed as all three. This guide had seemingly spot on ideals and showed different pros
and cons to this personality type along with ways to manage certain aspects of life that
involve each part. I think it is a great tool for understanding the spirit of the soul, which is
something I already struggle with, but also am always actively trying to understand.
Though I do not live an ayurvadic lifestyle, I have learned a lot about the small aspects of
life that can really make things either fruitful or monotonous. This is going to help me to
decipher my priorities in life by showing what I truly find important and how much time I
spend on the important aspects of my life.
In closing, I have seen the patterns of my health and I now choose to take each
element and really work on focusing in on getting all aspects of my life to a achievable
healthy standard. I think my first major goal in attaining better health will have to start
from within first, meaning my emotional stress and spiritual vitality. Finding appreciation
in the small things in life really allow a deeper connectedness to the world for me I
realize that some of my most inspiring moments are my moments alone with nature, just
taking in the day. I have also begun going to my mothers church every other Sunday, to
spend time with her that she enjoys, and to explore my avenues of faith. At the height of
my depression I have turned to God for love and understanding and it has helped before,
but as I continue to expand my ideals have changed slightly but the feeling of oneness
still remains. Accordingly, I will research other realms of faith, because I think faith in
oneself is beautiful and important but faith in humanity keeps us humble in nature. Third,
I would like to reduce my amount of relaxing, because being in a slump state for so long
can make even the happiest person lazy. Humans are creatures of habit, relying on the
Walker 4
comfortable, often times even at the rise of change. Personally, this is my time for a big
change, and I feel that my personal life needs to reflect that. Assessing ones life is a
major step in growing up, because it is often we allow ourselves to believe we are
untouchable from pain, illness, or distress. Those things just are not true, but with enough
care and regard for life anyone can turn things around. I believe we all have the power
within ourselves to be the leaders and guides of our own autonomous nature.

Walker 5
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My sources both reveal interesting insight about assessing personal health.
Heartmath reviews health in total sense describing every facet of life that affects
ones health and then provides different tools for improvement and keeping up
with progress or regression. Unlike Heartmath, the Banyan website allowed for a
more general idea of a certain type of person in doing so it makes the user feel
security in knowing where one might need certain help and growth above other
aspects in life. They both give the user a chance to understand their qualities and
how to better hone them.